Device recommendation for micro-switch (For towel warmer use)

Hey guys,

I have a towel warmer I want to put on a micro switch. I ordered Aeon Labs micro controller (v2), but found that my wiring is too thick for it, and I cant get them to insert into the “clamp”. The bathroom was wired with 12 gauge wire throughout, though I am only running 15amp through it.

Anyone have a suggestion? It has to fit in a small 1gang box.


You could pigtail it - but that will not be to code (12 ga into 14 ga). What is the amperage of the warmer? Might be why the 12 gauge is used.

The main alternative is the fibaro line. The newest one of those, the FGS213, can accommodate larger wires, so I would check that one.

Hey, sorry, I’m really tired and I forgot that the brand-new Fibaro may not be out in the US yet.

Here is what I know about its draw:
115 volts

150 watts

It’s running on a 15Amp Circuit no problem.

@JDRoberts : I would jump on that, if it existed in the US :slight_smile: Thanks though

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