Device or virtual switch for individual Spruce Irrigation zones in SmartThings?

In short, what’s a good approach to setting up a device for each available Spruce zone? Something that would enable me to say, “Alexa, turn on sprinkler zone 3”.

In detail…
The Spruce Irrigation system with moisture sensors and SmartThings in the mix is pretty impressive. After some pain upgrading from indexing to electrical valves I have the system working well and am now looking to add onto it. Currently I want to add an IFTTT recipe to turn on my sprinklers if there’s a Nest smoke emergency. Rachio does that natively but I chose Spruce over Rachio mostly because of SmartThings and moisture sensors.

It’s relatively straightforward to turn on my default Spruce routine from IFTTT, but that turns on the zones based on my watering schedule, which turns on one zone at a time. My challenge is that some of my zones are farther from the house than others, and I’d rather only have the zones closest to the house come on. Maybe even starting with the one closest to where the Nest that detected the emergency is.

To do that I need to be able to address each Spruce zone individually as a device. In lieu of triggering a smoke emergency I’ve been using Alexa to test things out. Right now I can say “Alexa turn on the sprinklers” and my watering routine starts, but I haven’t been able to find a way to address zones individually. Is that possible?

Did you ever hear back for this? I have the same sort of question but, for different reasons. Which is to link it to a motion sensor… In our front yard.

I’ve tried setting up a Virtual Switch for the time being just to test it by using a Smart Lighting Program which sets the “Spruce Controller” to “On” whenever the Virtual Switch is on. However it seems to do nothing and only run the “Spruce Program” and not just individual zones.

No responses yet. I asked Spruce support and it sounds like they’re working on making zones addressable.

I did what you did as well, and added a Smart Lighting rule to turn on/off my virtual device when the Spruce Controller comes on/off. It’s smart enough not to loop, and that way both the virtual and Spruce a Controller devices stay in sync.

It should start your sprinklers when your routine starts, mine does not sure what’s different

Still hoping to hear more about addressing zones directly, ?

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but I too was looking for the ability to turn on/off an individual zone. Has anyone found a way to do this?