Device "on time" less than a minute

Is there an app that allows me to turn on a light or other device for less than a minute?

yes, the automation creator in the new app can do this.

Sorry that I am not well versed in ST. Can you be a little more specific as to which app you are using and where I can find it? I need to control under a minute and will be allowing for cloud lag. Unless this can be done locally. Initially looking at roughly 30 sec. for water valve to open.

in the new app, tap the + in the upper right and choose automation. For the THEN side, you can add a delay to both an On or an Off action, depends how you setup the IF side.

Just don’t use this for anything critical in your water application. It will run in the cloud.

The problem is that it only allows minutes for my application instead of seconds.

Strange. I can add seconds.

Sorry about that, I forgot where it was. Thanks for letting me know.