Device Offline - only in App

With the majority of my devices now running on “edge”. I took the task to migrate my remaining devices.
One of my batches happens to be several GE Z-Wave Fan Controllers.

I have been able to add the controllers back in, but they are picked up as “dimmers”.

After experimenting with several different drivers, I found myself in a weird state.

The Device shows “Offline” in the App…

But online and controllable everywhere else (to include Alexa)

Is there some sort of “cache” for the App?

After 10 minutes, now the device shows up in the App as Online.

Is there a “normal” delay for some devices in the App to update?

I have beat my head having devices drop “offline” after changing drivers - if I knew there was a delay to refresh…

Turns out, this was due to pi-hole (DNS blocking) - which was blocking this URL:

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