[Device name] unreachable is 0? (Zigbee errors after platform update)

I have added a few more Lightify bulbs to my set up in last couple of days (in theory expanding my mesh) but i am now seeing a lot of “[Device Name] unreachable is 0” & “[Device name] unreachable is 1” in the logs combined with lights randomly turning themselves on at times, however mainly noticed in the middle of the night… This gave the wife quite a shock the first time it happened as she had grown accustomed to the lights only coming on with motion on the landing so immediately woke me up as she thought someone had broken in.

Anyone have more information as to why some logs are unreachable is 1 and others unreachable is 0 and after how many times of this would trip the light to its default 100% on state?

Finally any tips on how to prevent this from happening would be great!

Not sure about the [Device Name] unreachable is 0 but currently most of us are facing some issue or the other. Please check the following thread and please do open a ticket.

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Thanks @smart - will raise now and take a look through the thread.

The unreachable event is something @Kristopher put into the bulb devicetype I used as a starting point. It’s intended to monitor when the bulb doesn’t respond to a command, to determine if the bulb has been physically powered off at the switch.

It shouldn’t be able to physically turn the bulb on or off, only change the state in the app. Unreachable 0 means it got a response from the bulb. It will count up each time refresh() is called and at 2 it will change the state in the app to off.

Most likely it’s the poltergeists that ST has been experiencing lately that are turning them on. I wouldn’t mention the unreachable issue in the ticket because support sometimes can’t/won’t help with custom device types.

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I’ve had a bunch of ZigBee weirdness too lately. Hmm

And people are reporting weird Z wave appear failures. Sometimes the same person is having both zigbee errors and Zwave errors. Personally I think the hub is getting out of sync with the cloud.

You can try powering the hub off for 15 minutes (including removing the batteries) just reconnect, and see if it syncs everything up again. That seems to be helping for some people on the problems with reaching devices and weird device type errors.

It doesn’t help the time based routine problems, which probably will also require opening and re saving individual routines/apps to get them back on the schedule. See the topic linked to above for that.

Yeah - I’ve been messing with that. I tried to do a repair a couple days ago and it seemed like it was still repairing days later. To be fair, I have a ton of devices though. I’ll start a separate thread if it goes real bad.