Device manager and Device Icon


I need help on how to apply the child device icon from my service manager.

I know that this is a parameter in the addChildDevice but what is the syntax of the properties for the icon.

I have this d = addChildDevice(getChildNamespace(), getChildName(), dni,"", [
“label” : “Pod ${name.value}”,
“name” : “Pod ${name.value}”]

Any help?


I think I need to use this

        		// set the icon on the device
				childDevice.setIcon("presence","not present",icon)

But how to use it? I found this in the Life360 DeviceType

I found it myself !! Thank to me :smile:

The first argument is the tile name, the second is the state, and the third is the icon to use.

like this:

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I was celebrate too early. As soon as I refresh my device. The icon is revert back to default. Not sure why…


The first argument is the STATE, the second is the TILE name, and the third is the icon to use.