Device keeps needing to be re-included to make it work on V1 hub

My ZXT-120 which is on my Work V1 ST hub just stops working after a few days. When I look now at the status is says last reported activity 2 days ago. The device is still listed, still displays in my mobile app. But when I take actions the logged activity in the live log only displays debugging for actions within the DH and no activity from the device.

If I remove it from all smart apps, exclude it, re-include it, re-install smart apps. It starts working but then fails in a few days once again. I have done this twice now.

So I am at a lose as to what to do or why this is happening.

Network repair doesn’t fix it, edit of device and save doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas on why this is happening or how to resolve it more painlessly?

I would contact support but this is a non-supported device so they will just tell me they don’t support custom DH. So I can’t get them to help.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I have 5 of these at home working fine on a V2 Hub and they used to be installed on this V1 Hub for almost a year before I upgraded. Also it was working at work for about 1 month then this started happening lately.