Device Icons Showing Incorrectly in Automation List

Not a big deal but some of the devices in my automation list are showing the “thing” icon instead of the correct icon in the automation list, however, the icons are shown correctly on the home page. This happened on both my phone and my tablet at the same time a couple days ago. Just wondering if I’m the only one? Seems to be locks, open/closed sensors (zigbee), and smoke alarms. All the others show correctly.

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The same problem here since yesterday.
I have not opened a ticket, in Europe they answer late or never.

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I noticed this yesterday too on all of my Virtual Switches, but at least it was just cosmetic and didn’t affect operation. This morning my Virtual Switch ICONs appear to be back to normal. However, the ICONs in Automations and Scenes are still showing wrong.

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Hey there!

Thank you for providing a screenshot of your device icon concerns, I was able to replicate the symptoms of the device(s) appearing as “Thing” icons in Automations. Does this icon symptom also occur in when setting up a scene for you? What app version are you currently running and the device being used? Latest App Version:

I’d recommend continuing your support ticket to continue to track the issue.

Yes it is the same symptom with current scenes and while setting one up. App version As I stated, not a big deal as scenes and automations in question still operate correctly, just found it unusual that some of the icons changed (but not all) all of the sudden

Mines doing the same but I noticed my life360 present sensors are affected by the lack of correct icon and the automations are failing to run.

My life 360 presence icon is also affected but my arrival and departure automation using it are running correctly…as of now

The ICONs in my Automations and Scenes are back to normal. Looks so much better.


Noticed that earlier myself

Thank you @DaWeav and @troy_owens for following back up to confirm that this symptom has been addressed in the latest update and I’m glad it has been resolved for you both.


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Thanks Zell