Device history with delay

Since yerterday the events history for all Devices appears with minimun 30 minutes delay in smartthings app and IDE page.
Has anyone noticed something similar?

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I have event history not showing for hours now for some devices, automations running that shouldn’t, device pages crashing, the whole thing is a mess.

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I have 19 h delay

@M_Johansson, Today I have 19 hours delay too.

15 hours delay now, was about 2 hours behind when it started a couple of days ago, tried re installing app and rebooting hub by removed power, no change after that.

Same story here.
Fibaro multi sensor 14 hours delay.
Virtual Switch 19 hours delay.
Lidl powerstrip 12 hours delay.
Shelly realis 12 hours delay.
Samsung AC unit. No option for history in DTH

In this other conversation smartthings has given some information on the status of the incident.

It had improved up to 5 minutes of delay and it has returned to worse to 60 minutes delay

Device History work Wells this morning

Anyone else having this issue again? I’m seeing history of virtual devices 24hrs behind :frowning:

I wrote it in this other thread

I’ve been having problems with automations setting for changing my TV Pictures setting in the morning and the evening from dynamic to standard. It’s not showing in device history. I have to change the screen picture mode myself. If anyone has been having problems please report it to Smarthings support. Thanks you.