Device health alert using IDE My Hub Last Activity Log

Hi SmartThing Community.

I have been using SmatThings and one of my main wish is to get a reliable device health monitor to be able to detect disconnected devices. I have over 80 devices now. I have tried Simple Device Viewer and Device Monitor and they are great apps, but somehow both of them trackes for some of my devices (eg GoControl contact sensors) the last actual activity triggered by user (e.g… contact/window opened) not any network activity, eg. polls, battery check, etc to confirm if the device is still connected.

Then I came across this in IDE, under the “My Hub” view: if i scroll down i can see another device activity log which appears to be much frequent and not only tracks the last actual activity, but everything in connection to a device. For exampe my GoControl contact ishows 10 days as last activity in Simple Device Viewer, but in the My Hub view it shows “moments ago”.

Has anyone tried to build a device monitoring using the activity data from the “My Hub” view in IDE? I seems using that data, we could get real time device disconect alerst.