Device Handler receive a POST/GET without OAuth2

Hey all!
After a couple of days of trials I finally got my Device Handler and Service Manager to talk with a simple server. I am able to POST/GET to my server without problems, and now it is turn to be able to receive POST/GET from the server (connected to the same LAN) to my device type/Service Manager.

Reading the documentation I found that I need to place a map endpoint to the Device Handler or Service Manager, it is not clear:

  1. How can I place an endpoint to my Device Handler, and how can I call it?
  2. How can I place an endpoint to my Service Manager without having to follow all the OAuth2 proces?


I think I know the answers, but bumping, maybe someone else will verify.

  1. I don’t think you can have an endpoint in the device handler; it has to be in the service manager
  2. I don’t think you can place an endpoint in a service manager without oAuth; it’s all part of the security model they’ve implemented

Glad to find out I’m wrong about either of those :wink: