Device handler not showing up in new smarthings app

I’m running smarthings on Android and have both the legacy app and the new app. I “replaced” a switch from a jasco on/off to a jasco dimmer using the legacy app as there is no support for this in the new app. I then had to go to the smarthings web site to change the device controller from generic zwave on/off to a generic zwave dimmer. Once done the old smarthings app allowed me to dim that light however the new app isn’t showing this device change and is still showing the switch as a on/off and not a dimmer. Obviously there are two things here. One, when will the new app allow for you to “replace” a switch and why isn’t the new app showing my device controller changes? Id like to start using the new app but it just doesn’t seem as good as the legacy app yet. I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.