Device Handler Namron 4 kanaler bryter?

Is there anyone that can help me with a device handler for this device. Its a Zwave scene controller with 8 buttons and it works pr say in ST with zrc-90 DH. Only problem is that it shows with error message network not awalable in new app and no batt status.
Devivce name is Namron 4 kanaler bryter, link with all description:
Namron 4 kanaler bryter

This device is very nice build and fits in elco system. And price is fair :slight_smile:
Thx to all you great people out there

how did you get it to work with Zrc-90?

Just added the device handler. Then used classic app for automation. It comes up with #1 though #8

Hi, Namron has also a Zigbee version of the 4-button switch as well as a 1-button version. Anyone made a device handler for these?

@syver Please; which DTH / DH dis you use? (link?)

I used this one:

erocm123 : Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master

Works kind of strange, but works using classic app :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

This looks very nice. Would have been awesome with a perfect fit DH for this one. Can anyone help? (The Z-Wave one).

Also hoping for a solution for this, I want to buy this switch.

Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master DH along with ABC manager smart app makes this works pretty good. It have not been able to make it report “repeatedly while holding down” but else works fine :slight_smile: using it in my living room.