Device Handler Namron 4 kanaler bryter?

Is there anyone that can help me with a device handler for this device. Its a Zwave scene controller with 8 buttons and it works pr say in ST with zrc-90 DH. Only problem is that it shows with error message network not awalable in new app and no batt status.
Devivce name is Namron 4 kanaler bryter, link with all description:
Namron 4 kanaler bryter

This device is very nice build and fits in elco system. And price is fair :slight_smile:
Thx to all you great people out there

how did you get it to work with Zrc-90?

Just added the device handler. Then used classic app for automation. It comes up with #1 though #8

Hi, Namron has also a Zigbee version of the 4-button switch as well as a 1-button version. Anyone made a device handler for these?

@syver Please; which DTH / DH dis you use? (link?)

I used this one:

erocm123 : Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master

Works kind of strange, but works using classic app :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

This looks very nice. Would have been awesome with a perfect fit DH for this one. Can anyone help? (The Z-Wave one).

Also hoping for a solution for this, I want to buy this switch.

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