[Device Handler] Moes 2 and 3 gang Zigbee wall switch ( cluster EF00)

Hi @ygerlovin, I have good news. I just installed my 4 gangs switch and it was recognized as a “Thing”, then I went to the ST IDE and changed the device type to TS0601 Relay and after that, just a small config to set the number of gangs as 4 in the ST app and everything works well.

Here’s the zbjoin just in case you want to check something else:

zbjoin: {"dni":"84D8","d":"BC33ACFFFEAE747F","capabilities":"80","endpoints":[{"simple":"01 0104 0051 01 04 0000 0004 0005 EF00 02 0019 000A","application":"42","manufacturer":"_TZE200_1ozguk6x","model":"TS0601"}],"parent":0,"joinType":0,"joinDurationMs":1557,"joinAttempts":1}

update: backlight doesn’t work on the 4 gang switch. I really don’t need this functionality but if its possible to add it for others that would be great.

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Hi @iwry
Thanks for the update.
Did you have a chance to check whether the parent switch is able to control all channels?
It is really unexpected, but perhaps Moes added support for controlling all gangs with a single command to 4 gangs model.
What about backlight? Does it work correctly?

Sorry, I don’t have a single Moes wall switch. I created this driver for a friend who has Tuya compatible (not Moes) module. Then I found out that it is fairly easy to add support for Moes.

Your handler worked for my 1st gang MOES touch switch (2 Gang).

Many thanks!

Hello @ygerlovin how are you doing? It’s been a while since I’ve been using your DH and it is working well so far. Do you think it is possible to make the devices run locally? You told me something about making the DH official or something like that. Right? If there’s anything I could help you with to make it work just let me know! :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend!

Hi @iwry,
I’m fine, thank you. How are you?
It is great to know DH is working well.
I’m currently working on edge driver for Tuya switches. It is quite quite different, so things are going really slow.
However, if I make it work, it will run locally.
Have a great weekend!


Hi Yakov, saw your great works here. I’m a newbie to all these, so kinda confused which to use.
Is it possible to show me the link to:

  1. Moes 3-gang switch
  2. Moes 2-gang switch
  3. Moes 1-gang switch

Very much appreciated! Thank you very much!

Hi there, I use this for my 3-gang switch. Only one gang works. Is this the correct code to use for 3-gang switch?

The device handler I referred in my last message specifically only works for the 1st gang.

There is a newer Device Handler in this thread that allows you to enter the number of gangs (Number of children) from the Smartthings App Device Settings, and apparently works for multiple gangs.

Haven’t tested the new handlers yet, so not sure which is the latest and best to use.

(I didn’t use the new device handler because I only wanted to only activate the 1st gang for the 2 gangs that I had.)

Ahhh ok. It does work with the single gang switch. Thank you!

Hi @Desmond_Goh

The following DTH

should be working with multiple gangs.
You need to install both child and parent handlers, perform pairing and configure the number of gangs in the parent device

Yeah… managed to get them working finally! Thank you very much!


Hi there, first and foremost thanks for those of you that devoted you time to make these devices work. I just got the MOES 4 Gang Scene switch, I am trying to use the handlers but I can’t even see my device in the list of devices. I see many of you get the device to show up as a thing. I don’t even get that, am I missing anything? Do you make an entry manually?
Thanks much, Martin

Ups, I guess I am referring to the Scene Switch rather than the Wall Switch. Is there any support to Scene Switch?

Hi @bairesman ,

If the device is supported by DTH it should appear as a specific device, not as a thing.
Could you please describe the pairing process you’re performing?
Do you see any messages in hub event log during pairing?
Do you have a model number and/or a link to the product page of your switch?

Hi all,

Whoever is using my DTH with Moes switches, could you please confirm the child lock actually works?
I’m working on edge driver for Tuya switches and would like to know whether ‘Child lock’ capability should be included for those devices.

The ‘Child Lock’ when enabled prevents using only a physical switch (i.e. pressing a button on the switch panel should have no effect). The automations and control from the APP should be working.


Hi @ygerlovin thanks for your reply, this is the switch I am using. I am not able to pair it as I cant figure out how to put it in pair mode.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @bairesman ,
I’m not familiar with this switch and my DTH does not support it.
However, I would suggest to try the following for pairing:

  1. Put your hub into pairing mode. From Smartthings App, go to add device, search nearby. The hub should start blinking
  2. Long press left upper button (5-7seconds)
  3. If this doesn’t help, short press the button with 0.5 sec interval for 5-10 times
  4. If this doesn’t help repeat steps 2-3

Please see the following thread, I think the DTH from it might be what you need

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@ygerlovin thanks again for your time and efforts. It looks like many people have tried it and gave up as the latest version does not seem to work well with ST. I followed the instructions in the post you provided and finally got it to pair and all but it does not respond to the actions. Too bad as I really liked the device, it is somewhat elegant and could serve multiple purposes.

Cheers! Martin