Device Handler Missing Power button on home screen

With the classic app being presumably sunsetted at some point, I’m working on getting all my custom device handlers working in the new app. One issue I’m having is that some devices which have dual capability aren’t showing the power button on the home screen. In my screen shots notice the lack of a “power” button on the tile for the home screen.

In classic, this would be controller by…


in the tile definitions. Any ideas what controls this in the new app? The Device Handler I linked below is one I’m having trouble with. It has both switch and button capabilities (to support the double tap functionality of these switches). I assume that’s what’s causing the issue.

Yup, you’re missing certain metadata now required for DTH’s to work in the new app. There’s a post somewhere in the community about what those are that we’ve found so far. ST is also promising documentation on that too. From a quick look at your code, you’re missing ocfDeviceType: “oic.d.switch”.

Here’s ST’s stock handler as an example:

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Thanks John. I’ll try that out, then force close the new app, change my device to a different device handler then back, then do a rain dance and see if it works.


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Interestingly, this device handler does not have that, and it’s working fine. /shrug

Yeah, without good documentation from ST, who knows. Perhaps the vid:“generic-dimmer” making that happen?

Yep, that fixed it. Thanks again.

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