Device handler for new tv?

Is there a device handler for the new samsung tv that will work in smartthings classic?

It depends on your TV’s model number and the region where you are. Without that it is hard to tell.

I think you should give more detailed information to get an answer.

Sorry. QN75Q70RA…i believe 2019, U.S…

That is a 2020 model and looks like a badass TV. :sunglasses:

Follow this description to find out is it supported at all.

And for adding it to SmartThings.

It will work only with the new app, not with the Classic.

Yeah, I have it working with the new one, was just hoping there was an app for the classic version…don’t really like the new smartthings that much.

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The new app is the way forward. The old app will be depreciated in the future at some point.