Device Handler for Aqara Wired Wall Switch


(Daniel S) #123

I have exactly the same issue. I think I still need to create a virtual switch. But it doesn’t find an endpoint. See screenshot. Any idea?


didn’t know where to post this, but great news! The @simic DH works for the Aqara SINGLE button (non neutral) too! I was unable to use it before but now I can , thank you @simic !!!:partying_face:


@simic can you make wireless button working? ( 2 buttons ) Most DH not working 2 buttons

(Antony Pugh) #126

No. due to an ST limitation. I am hoping it might change with all the coding upgrades they are doing to the underlying framework. but I have yet to see any detailed info on this.


Hi @simic, I think I need some clarification regarding Step 3:

I’ve paired my 2 gang no neutral switches, they show up as one device that can only toggle the left paddle after I assign your DTH to it.

I tried using your kudled smartapp after this step, but it seems to be asking me to pick the virtual switches to bind, instead of creating a virtual switch for the right paddle. Am I supposed to find some other way of creating a virtual switch for the right paddle, then use your kudled smartapp to bind it?

(Gareth Davies) #128

Thanks, @simic I’ve downloaded your handler, it appears to work (mostly), but I have some questions…

1 - I couldn’t ever get a ‘catchall’ to appear while searching for new devices. I did however, manage to get ST to detect it as a ‘Thing’ so have since changed its details, using your device handler. Any reason you can think of for never receiving a catchall? (I must have tried a couple dozen times)

2 - how do I create a virtual switch that is linked to this? I can create virtual switches, but can’t figure out how to link…

Sorry for the noob questions here, but that’s exactly what I am, lol!

(Andy Chan) #129

you have to create the virtual switch, before using the kudled smartapp to bind.

(Andy Chan) #130

install the kudled smartapp linked.