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Device Handler for Aqara Wired Wall Switch


(Norbert Zsolt Gecse) #102

When i changed huds i also made a copletely new location , its like fresh start.
So i re-added the switches


I adapted a Device Hander for Xiaomi Aqara Switch QBKG12LM and works great!

(Ben Erkens ) #104

The power for the switch is “stealth”, taken from the closed electric circuit.

From the Line wire to the switch without a load like the light bulb, the circuit is open and the switch will not work.

Try the real wireless version of the switch if you have not a circuit from Line to Neutral.

(Ben Erkens ) #105

The different frequencies is a Z-wave specification. In US it is different compared to UK (EU). That’s why there are different SmartThings hubs.

Zigbee has 1 worldwide used frequency.

Grtn Ben


Guys with the DTH still need the XiaoMi Gateway to operate?

(Gert Koolwijk) #107

2 button wired switch and it works! :grinning:

Many thanks!!


Sorry for digging this up after so long. The switches that u used, that are not repeaters, are they with neutral or without? Aqara website says that only the neutral version can act as repeaters.

I’m thinking of buying a bunch but will hold on while I wait for your reply. Thanks.

(Jonathan Musto) #109

I just wanted to make sure I’m understanding the status of these switches. It sounds like they all work with the device handler (wired, battery, 1 gang & 2 gang), but the 2 gang ones can not report their current state back to ST right? But the 1 gang ones can, so you know if the switch in on/off? I’m thinking about getting some 1 gangs for our bedrooms.

Also, does anyone how deep they fit into the wall (UK)? I wandering how deep my back box needs to be, 25mm, 35mm?

(A3 Scream) #110

Is anyone having any issues with Aqara non neutral wired wall switches? Some of the ones just stopped stopped working. Can’t even operate manually. I have sent them to Aqara to investigate. Its a big hassle buying new ones and replacing them. Anyone else also having similar issues?


My 2 gang seems to be ok so far…

What I am worried about is the amount of CDH I use and the move over to the new ST app, I’m guessing ST will say it will be down to the creators to update their offering with the new UI elements - so continued use for non-coders like myself would be utterly dependent on updates made by Devs like @simic , or everything goes to $h*t… (that’s best case scenario.)

Worst case is ST decides not to support custom DTH as it might not make sense financially, then there’s a shite load of people invested in certain products that will no longer work… Worrying times for legacy ST users…


I have a wired, no neutral, 2 gang light switch. For most of today I have been trying to sort it out. I have it added to ST, I have loaded 2 different handlers and 2 different smart apps. I am able to assign my device to each handler to test and to each smart app. I just can’t get it to be as I want it.
The closest I can get is a device handler that turns on switch 1 in the top middle of the ST app and button 2 has an image of 3 pin plug on the lower left. Both switch on and off OK.
But what I am after is individual controllable switch 1 and switch 2 eg not have to go into the single device icon I currently have and press the 3 pin plug icon under switch 1 to turn on switch 2. Basically make both switch 1 and 2 be separate up on the top list of all devices in the ST app.
Please would somebody that has this working as I am after post the device handler code and the smart app code here so I can just copy and paste that into UK ide and create a handler and smart app that will work for sure. I have got lost trying to follow the trail to get the DH and SA code that I need. Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone, need device handler for aqara wall switch no natural wire.
Have tried some codes no one had work
Can some one help me please
Thanks ahead

(Mario H Khoury) #114

I am trying to make the QBKG12LM work using the xiaomi devicel handlers ,

there are two device handlers to use for the same item ( the double switch )
how is that done ?

or can you please provide some instruction of how you made it work ?

(Mehdi Sebai) #115

Anyone tried this Aqara wall switch to control a roller shutter?


Mario, you have install the two device handlers, because the second button only works with dedicated device handler.

after install the two device handlers, Smartthings automatic detect the device and show 2 switchs on classic APP.

I dont try this on new smartthings app.


Firstly thanks for all this info, these Aqara wall switches are really nice.

Anyone having issues with these switches on the newer smart things app?

SIMC’s DTH works beautifully on the older app for me, but just errors on the newer app.

For reference, im using the single switch, wired, non neutral. QBKG04LM. Also same thing happens on the 2 switch non neutral.

(Keith G) #118

Currently, all devices that use custom Device Handlers (DTHs) are not officially supported in the new SmartThings mobile app. As I understand it, they are in the process of developing support for custom DTHs, and will share the information about necessary changes to DTH code when it’s ready.

(Ivantsankovtsankov) #119

Did you manage to get the 2 switches of the 2 gang light switch in the new ST App?


Hi Kelvin, I’ve the same issue as @frogale and can’t quite work out what you mean.

Can I assume you are talking about changing stuff in the Device Handler?

I just received my switch, it’s a single gang non neutral. I can see the state in the ST Classic app change fine, but changing the status from the app doesn’t have any effect. (It goes to “turning off” in the app for ages but doesn’t achieve anything)

Any help I’d be most grateful.

@Snail did you get anywhere?

(Saif Alharrasi) #122

hi @simic i have this wall switch and I use your DH and smartapp and it is work very well. but I have one issue which is the status is not updated in app when I turn ON/OFF physiclly by pressing wall switch.!!!
Can you help.