Device Handler for Aqara Wired Wall Switch


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Yes my bad I thought you were in need of a ZigBee repeater anyway I kind of think a zwave outlet from places like vesternet could work or a WiFi one would work like tplink or many in Amazon it depends whether u need ST integration, I bought a cheap greenwave zwave outlet but seems it is no longer available and it has been working fine I only use it mostly as a energy monitor to my pi and NAS

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Hi All,
Can you please advise steps to set this switch correctly?
Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Control Double - wires free
In this thread I can see 3 different DHT and also some advises on setting up Virtual Switches to make it work. What is the actual procedure (pairing was done just trying to find correct DHT now)

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Bad news. You will only be able to use one of the buttons. Smartthings strips out some info which means bother buttons will register as the same ‘press’

The aqara button DH works (but limited as above )

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Hi Adam, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I can’t force it to work. I added it manually and used DHT from the first post. In logs I can see it switches “on” and that’s it, won’t go back to off state. I think I will invest in a different device.

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Is it possible to enable a dimmer function with this?

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Mine works fine. its been really stable and super fast responses.

Not sure what you have done wrong but should work.

If I buy another I will get a single paddle version as I can work with that.

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No it is an ON/OFF only option

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Hi Behold, so to make it work as on/off “one button” device you used DHT from the first post and added it using catchall method?

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Yes Catch all to add it. then assigned the DTH. Not sure if it was the one at the top or an updated one.

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Ok so I progressed it a bit. I used original DHT, added to my hub again. Now “switch on” action using one of the buttons works but pressing button again doesn’t turn it off. and it looks like both buttons turn on one switch only. Any suggestions? What am I missing? Behold: can you check which DHT you have in use for that switch ? Thanks


Sorry for duplication, I had posted this to a different thread but it may be better here.

I am using the SImic 2 switch device code.

I have been using this light switch for a month or so and all seems to work fine for me - EXCEPT if I physically turn the lights on at the switch - ie turn on left hand switch then right hand or vice versa, the net result is that both lights are ON but in the app it reports them as off.

What I am seeing is that if I PHYSICALLY turn the ‘main’ light ON it shows correctly as ON in the app, if I then PHYSICALLY turn the second switch to ON then within the app it flicks quickly to ON then back to OFF and the other switch also goes to OFF.

Hence the app is not showing the true real state of the switch. This snapshot shows the device events - in this instance I PHYSICALLY turned both switches on, as you can see they flick to ON and then report OFF again immediately (although the light is still actually ON!)

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Any ideas on this ?

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refer to post 2 in the this thread.

"Note: The state of the buttons for the 2 gang switch will NEVER be able to be in sync. This is because smartthings masks the endpoint end when it returns the on/off status. Hence the DH will never know the on/off returned is for which button.

But you can certainly use it to explicitly send ON or OFF commands in conjunction with smartapps or other automations."

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Indeed. Personally I created two virtual switches which are mapped to the two circuits. It allows me to send an ‘on’ or ‘off’ to either switch, and for my purposes I don’t need to know the existing state first.

With these switches, it’s very much a case that you get what you paid for!

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its not the fault of XM.

its the platform problem. In the first place, it dont handle multi-endpoint zigbee devices very well. necessitating the need for smartapp and virtual switches.

secondly, the backend filters the response, simply becoz they made the assumption that its a single endpoint switch device.

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Thanks for the explanation.

I wasn’t intending to blame XM, more just reflecting that this not-quite-perfect-solution is a lot cheaper than installing two fibaro dimmers on a circuit, which is pretty much the only other way to get a ST controlled twin-wall switch with no Neutral working in the UK


Yes thank you both, I was intending to to check status of lights before switching off etc. but actually you’re right it makes no difference I will just issue ‘off’ command anyways. thanks

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Hi James
I took a different road (living in Denmark though)
I have changed all my bulbs to Ikea Trådfri’s, hardwired all my lamp sockets to be always on, and replaced all my switches with cheap wireless Xiaomi buttons eg:

(they fit perfectly over the holes in the walls from the switch, and is seen as low as 8£)
I know have full control over all my lamps, and as a bonus, the Trådfri’s creates a very strong Zigbee mesh in your house. :slight_smile:

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Aeon nano switches support no neutral now too. but they are not cheap.

(Andy Chan) #80

just use more sensors (contact or motion) to turn on and turn off after timeout.

I hardly open ST app in this way. everything is automated.

i have a xm button (round type) pasted at the front door. Its programmed to trigger a routine to turn off all lights which I click as I leave my house.


Thanks they look interesting - not cheap like you said but I have some challenging lighting scenarios - including 2 and 3 way ones where they may be a good answer - but another £50 outlay just so I dont physically flick a switch ???!!! :):thinking: