Device Handler for Aqara Wired Wall Switch


(Andy Chan) #22

one paddle controls one light circuit.

if u buy the 2 gang version, two paddle, 2 circuits

(James Scholes) #23

That code is an App based on one by @simic

  1. Get the switch working as normal using the DTH at the top of the thread
  2. Install 1 or 2 virtual switches (I used the Simulated Switch by @erocm1231)
  3. Install the App

When setting up the app, you want to select your Aqara switch as your main switch, then your virtual switches as Switch 1 and Switch 2

If it’s set up right, switching your new virtual switches on and off should cause the Aqara switch to change those inputs.

(Super Mouse Dv) #24

I just emailed and asked them for direct compatibility with smartthings.
their chat person was very helpful in giving me this info so hopefully after they see this site and what Smartthings has to offer they will start making device drivers and smart apps for us to use with their products.
would love to see native compatibly with the Aqara product line…

(Super Mouse Dv) #25

I didn’t get it to work YET… Ill try later in the week thanks for your help…


I found something in aqara web site… donno can help or not…
(simple chinese)

(James Scholes) #27

Translated (by google) here

(Andy Chan) #28

That’s the API guide for talking to the xiaomi hub over IP.

Not direct zigbee communications to the sensors or switches.

(Jonas Ezitis) #29

Hi Did you get any further feedback from them? Would be great with native support…

(Super Mouse Dv) #30

This was their reply…

Hi Hal,

Greetings from Xiaomi!

Thank you for providing your valuable suggestion.

We will forward the same to our team, so that they may work upon the same in order to avoid further inconvenience to our customers. We value your opinion and see it as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Please write us back in case you need any further assistance, we will be happy to help you.

Xiaomi Customer Support

(Adam Walker) #31

I got this working this weekend. Its a pain the …

Getting it paired is the first issue, its about ten times worse than pairing the battery aqara sensors. Finally got it paired with the catchall method.

Using the device handler at the top, and then using this virtual device app I can now control the switch through routines. You cannot however, use the switch independantly to trigger things (ST just sees the same output for both switches).

(Adam Walker) #32

Given it doesnt require a neutral and is about 20quid, looks better than standard swtiches, it will be replacing quite of few of by double light switches.

(Jonas Ezitis) #33

Hi Im still struggling to get mine paired. I can see catchall events in my log that look like this:

Preformatted textcatchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0100 00 CB6D 00 01 115F 0A 01 01FF42296410016510006E20016F20FF0121E40C03281A05211900082112260A2100009923000000009B210000 Preformatted text

But I dont know how that translates into the device ID or zigbee ID.

My hub does see all the on/off events, as whenever I press the switch, I get an entry in the log, so I know there is _some _ communication going on. Greatfull for some help here!

P.S did you need to move hub and switch really close together? Mine are about 3m apart and I will struggle to get them any closer. Thanks

(Adam Walker) #34


The network id is the important one. Yours is cb6d until you try and pair again

ZigBee Id, just enter the same network id. Enter all the details, not forgetting to select your hub and location in the new device form.

3m should be fine.


(Bob) #35

It’s always the seventh block of data that is the ID you want. It’s the same block for all Xiaomi devices.

Preformatted textcatchall: 0104 0000 01 01 0100 00 CB6D 00 01 115F 0A 01 01FF42296410016510006E20016F20FF0121E40C03281A05211900082112260A2100009923000000009B210000

(Andy Chan) #36

U can only pair using catch all method.

The regular discovery does not work.

As for the feedback of switch status. It’s a limitation of st platform at the moment. The platform returns filtered results to the DH. Hence the DH cannot tell if the returned status refers to switch one or two.

If you Are using the single gang. U could use the other DH posted here by @johndoyle. It should track the physical presses properly.

(James Scholes) #37

Just chipping in to say my switch is working in the garage, a good 8m from the house, and through two brick walls.
I’ve been noticing a couple of issues where the switch appears to be going into a low-power mode (pure speculation - is this a thing?) or something, where devices using it as a repeater tend to drop. I’ve got an automation switching the light on for 5 minutes every 12 hours to keep it alive, which seems to have fixed it.

(Adam Walker) #38

Just some more feedback. Switch has been rock solid for a week. No issues as all, and a it seems a stable repeater.

(A3 Scream) #39

I have been using the aqara switches for the past 3 months and they have been working quite well so far. Have installed 10 more and found a trick for pairing. So catchall is the way to go but we don’t need to keep pressing it on and off repeatedly. Simply press the switch down for 5 secs untill the blue light pops up while simultaneously pressing add things on your smartthings to discover devices. You can return back to the main screen on smartthings app after a minute and give it time. After roughly 10 mins or so you will see catchall show up on your events. In the meanwhile you can enjoy a beer or a cup of tea whatever your preference is :stuck_out_tongue: . I actually pressed atleast 5 switches in the home for new setup pairing mode one after the other and just gave it time. All catch call showed up. They don’t dissappear and will still be there of you come back an hour later or a day later. Simply added the devices and later changed the names on smartthings app based on whichever light it was for. All on all took me 30 minutes to setup 5 switches including setting up DTH. Thanks to @simic and other brilliant folks to make this possible!!

Xiaomi Aqara Light Control Smart Switch work or NOT with ST
(Adam Walker) #40

Hi All.

I bought a couple more of these, this time the single switch version.

The post above is spot on with the pairing method…one hit and wait for ten minutes, they all paired first time. Very odd…but it works.

They seem to be excellent repeaters, I now have solid signal all round the house.

Device handler works for double and single switches.


(Adam Walker) #41

Just to provide a further update. The switches have been solid.

However, now i have an XCTU stick to analyse the network, i can infact confirm they do not operate as repeaters, just end points.