Device Handler for Aqara 2 Gang Wired Wall Switch no Neutral

Sure thing, here you go:

Data * application: 1C

  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: LUMI
  • model: lumi.switch.b2lacn02
  • zigbeeNodeType: SLEEPY_END_DEVICE

I’m going to miss the IDE when it’s retired…

Raw Description 01 0104 0006 02 06 0000 0003 0001 0002 0019 000A 03 0000 000A 0019

Thanks for the information. It turns out that the “Raw Description” is the same as for the older switches. I’ve added this information to the published DTH. It should now recognise the new switches QBKG21LM and QBKG22LM. At the moment I do not have the necessary information (or the switch) to extend this to the 3-button version.

Great - thanks. I’m not a GITHUB pro, so just copy pasted the raw file, to update the DTH I assume I just repeat that process? there was a way to sync with repos but think that options gone. Personally no interest in the 3 gang, but for other readers, the new style switches were £10 for wireless and £20 for wall mounted (no neutral), shipping was crazy fast.

I’ve just posted a new version of my DTH which contains some code aimed at the 3-button switch. As I don’t have such a switch, I’ve had to do some guesswork and it certainly needs further work, but I’d value any input from anyone with a 3-button switch, who is willing to try it out.

I haven’t yet implemented any code to allow the 3rd switch to be unwired and act as a button.

There is no need for anyone with only 1 or 2 buttons to update to this version.

I have the same QBKG03LM switch as you and use the ‘Aqara-wired-wall-switch-no-neutral’ DTH but no matter how many times I synch, only 1 switch appears. Does yours show 2 switches on the app when paired successfully with your hub?

Have you installed “Virtual Device Sync”? Does it give you 2 child devices?
Are you using the new App or the old “Classic” App?
I assume you can log into the IDE. If you go to “My Devices”, click on your device and look for the section labelled “Data”. What does it say under “Model”?

I have not install “Virtual Device Sync”. Should I install it before or after adding the switch or it does not matter? Is it a must to install it to obtain control over both switches?
I am using the new App and it says model: lumi.ctrl_neutral2.

If you want to be able to set up scenes or automations which involve the 2 switches, you will have to install “Virtual Device Sync” after you’ve installed the DH. This is due to a restriction imposed by Smartthings, not a restriction in my DH. This will then set up 2 child devices, which are the devices you will have to use in automations, etc. You can then use these directly from the app,if you wish.

In the new app, if you want to be able to switch directly from the main app, my DH, the current version has a feature, which makes this possible, but not in a very satisfactory form. At the top of the page there is an icon for the switch, which will control the left hand switch. Towards the bottom of the page there’s an icon labelled “Momentary”. Pressing this will toggle the right hand switch.

I hope to be able to improve this in the future.

So I just made the switch to the new app. Transfer was painless as I don’t use SHM or routines. No changes made via IDE. But, like @Alvin_Koh I’m getting werid behaviour. I don’t see the momentoy switch at the bottom of detail page (though do get this for wireless aqara using different DH), or control over the wired one. I have the legacy ST app still running and all as normal in there. Plus Webcore routines Working fine.

Above is totality of what new app shows.

Any ideas? Should I delete and reinstall your DH?

I’m away from home at the moment, so it’s difficult to check anything. Do the 2 child devices work properly?

Does your WXKG02LM work? If so, which DTH are you using? And does it support single click, double click, held, both clicked, both double-clicked, etc? I’m not sure if the 02 hardware supports this, but the 07 hardware is supposed to.

Post deleted

Do you mean a 3rd button? Isn’t the WXKG02LM a 2-button switch?

More confused - isn’t the WXKG02LM fully wireless?

I’m trying to get a DTH to work for my WXKG07LM wireless dual-switch, in such a way that I can use actions like “both double-click”. BSpranger’s DTH doesn’t seem to handle dual switches. I had a look at his code to see if I could extend it, but I couldn’t work it out.

I’m wondering if I should start from scratch, and I’m reading how theres this mode for DTHs to work, and all of the old DTHs are deprecated, meaning that they’ll eventually stop working. I had a read through as much doco as I could handle, and posts about writing DTHs, but it’s quite a steep learning curve. Perhaps I’ll get to it one day, but in the mean time, I really want to be able to use my dual-switch D1.

Apologies, I’ve been travelling and don’t have access to my files. Ignore my previous answer.

I do have one of these switches and use bspranger’s DTH.

You have a wireless dual switch? And bspranger’s DTH supports dual button press as a distinct event?

here is a copy of the relevant comment from within bspranger’s code:

Model WXKG02LM (2 button) - 2018 Revision (lumi.remote.b286acn01):

    • Single press of left/right/both button(s) results in button 1/2/3 “pushed” event
    • Double click of left/right/both button(s) results in button 3/4/5 “pushed” event
    • Hold of left/right/both button(s) for longer than 400ms results in button 1/2/3 “held” event

I assume the 2nd line should read 4/5/6. Certainly the ABC App sees 6 buttons.

Hope this helps

That’s awesome! I’ll have to take another look at it.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The odd thing is the old app still has two child buttons and works as expected. The new hap only has one button and doesn’t work.

I’ve been able to webcode access to both child devices using the handles in your DH so it’s not a big deal but a bit frustrating!

Have you tried “Virtual Device Sync”?

I’m puzzled by the difference between what you see with the new App and what I see.