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I‘m new to developing ST device handlers. I have created a device handler for my eCozy ZigBee Thermostats (TRV) that already works quite well. At least the general functionality of displaying current temperature, setting new heat setpoints, displaying battery level all work.
But, I am struggling with some minor details that I would like to fix. First, when I change the heat setpoint the display of the new setpoint is taken from an event triggered pay the parsing of the response from the TRV. This means that when I hit the up or down buttons the display is delayed until the response is received back from the TRV. I would like it to change faster, but I also realize it should receive the new setpoint from the TRV, since it could also be set on the TRV directly and not just via the ST app. Is there a way to distinguish when the new heat setpoint was triggered by the app and still be able to display a heat setpoint that was triggered at the TRV directly?
I will probably be able to figure that one out at some point.
But the thing I can‘t figure out is how to influence the icons that are displayed in the Recent event tab. Some events show no icon and others are displaying an icon I would like to change. For instance a temperature change is only showing a colored dot and I would like to place the temperature in it like the ST multi-sensors show. Also, when the state changes to „Heating“ it is showing a green dot with „Idle“ in it (so the wrong icon for the event).

Any tips would be appreciated.

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