Device from one location trigger a device from another location

I am using fancy smartapps and webcore; hwever, my mother-in-law is not. She would like to have a trigger similar to mine. Her location is currently shared with me. I am hoping to keep her setup clean and easy, without any of the fancy smartapps/webcore pistons I use; especially with the changes coming. Is there an easy way that I can link devices across 2 locations? This way I can have an automation say “If device in location 1 is on then XYZ in location 2”. Therefore, I just have to manage the complex items on my single location. So I can have a virtual device on my side represent the result of a complex trigger and then cause a defined action on her side.


You can do this with some cloud to cloud integrations. I use both Philips Hue and TP Link/Kasa to pass information between my two hubs. A bit tricky to set up tho’…

Thanks. I was hoping for a simple solution. Let’s see if someone else has any other tricks they use.