Device Control - Is this possible

Is this possible ->
Motion detector1 is active only between between certain hours.
If motion detected, then trigger lights / siren.
If motion detector2 detects motion, then switch off lights / siren that dector1 initiated.


motion detectors will always log motion events. You setup the time restriction in whatever app you’re using to create a rule.

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Sorry Jimmy, I hit return before completing my question. The full question is above.

This can be done using weCore and parameters…

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It’s possible and easy to do. I have it setup using the ST Routines similar to that.

Goodbye Routine set to a certain time for when I go to work
All lights off, set temp
If motion is detected, then all lights will turn on and I get a push notification on my phone.

I’m Back Routine set for the time I normally return home
A light turns on, sets temp
If motion is detected, nothing happens

You can use WebCoRE also but ST Routines will do what your asking.

I just made a follow up routine. Yes it can turn off lights using ST Routines like your asking about.

Thanks for all the feedback.