Device connectivity issues after firmware 0.40.06 on v2 hub

After my hub got upgraded to 0.40.06 about half of my things aren’t working. Devices can’t be controlled via the app or automation. I opened a support case with Samsung but they are asking a lot of questions on screenshots and whatnot. Did anybody else experiences an issue like this? Usually what happens I’m trying to turn on or off a device, then it’s the spiny thing and then it’s just saying that network error… I removed one z-wave switch with the exclusion protocol, that wasn’t working, and then added it back, and same thing. it’s like things work partially. If I turn it off physically and refresh the app, it shows the correct status.

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Restart the hub and app. I had issue as soon as hub got update. All my plugs went on/off or off/on, and stayed in state opposite from before firmware update. After reboot, everything is back to normal

I’ve rebooted the hub already, router too.