Developers who changed the way we do things

I’m new here, coming from the world of Iris since V1, then a beta tester and user of V2 (a glutton for punishment) and still having to hack their backend API to get things to work properly. I know now that I backed the wrong horse so to speak thinking since they had “Lowes” behind them, they’d be one of the better platforms.

I have been, one by one moving my Iris devices over to the ST platform (some 50+ devices) and I am really impressed by the work you’ve all put into getting these and many other devices to play nice with each other! Just having the ability to create your own device handler has me in awe, and I wish I’d picked this platform from the beginning.

Big props to the whole ST’s developer community!! The work you’ve all put into this system is truly inspiring and I am looking forward to being able to help out in any way I can!