Developer Documentation Updates

Just want to call out that we’ve made a number of updates to the developer documentation in the past few weeks. They include:

We hope everyone had a good holiday season, and are off to a good start in 2015!


Thanks @Jim! It’s great to see there’s progress in the documentation!

Great work so far! On preferences and settings:

Boolean - Pass true to allow the section to be collapsed. Defaults to false.
Boolean - Pass true to specify the section is collapsed by default. Used in conjunction with hidden. Defaults to false.

Shouldn’t the hidden description read:

Used in conjunction with hideable.

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good catch @joshua_lyon. I updated the docs to fix this. Thanks!

@Jim, I have a request. Is it possible to setup a thread on Announcements or here in Developer to just notify if there have been any updates for the CORE documentation, things like capabilities, API’s etc. It’s very hard to keep a track of meaningful developer level changes to keep the SA’s and DH’s upto date with the documentation and ongoing changes to the platform. Github is very painful to track. For significant things maybe a liner and a link to the documentation page.

It will go a LONG way in helping us keep the stuff upto date with changes.

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