Developer Discussion: July 15, 2015 - Documentation

Hi Everyone!

Join me in this call, with my all-time favorites: our SmartThings Documentarians, where I will be probing @Jim and @unixbeast about their process, challenges, experiences, and what their favorite flavor of ice cream is. I bet it’s cookies and cream! Post your questions below to ensure they’ll get answered!

See you next week!

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It’s so not cookies & cream. Tune in to find out :slight_smile:

Damnit! Orange Sorbet? Is it wednesday yet? I genuinely want to know!

I can only say that nobody will like the answer.

I bet it is vanilla.

WHAT!? @jim and @unixbeast are joining!?

I’ll bring the Chocolate Syrup

He does not even like ice cream.

who doesn’t like ice cream!? Monsters!

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