Develco Smart Siren - sirzb-110

Hi all,

This is my first post as I have pretty much hit the wall… I recently purchased the Develco Smart Siren, which I easily paired to my Smartthings Hub, but it only came up as a generic thing (type 2015 Samsung Smart TV. I tried switching to Zigbee Siren (and a bunch of other siren types) with no luck.

Have anyone dealt with this issue before? The technical manual is available here:

Many thanks for your assistance.

Hi @Wolfreq,

Have you tried Ozom Smart Siren? If that doesn’t work, you may just need to tweak an existing DTH, or it could be that the siren didn’t get configured properly when you changed the Type. I recommend watching Live Logging when making changes to see if any errors show up before and after changes, and while using the siren.

On a separate note, where did you find that siren, and would you know where I could find Develco’s External Meter Interface?

Hi @johnconstantelo ! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have tested (and re-tested Ozom Smart Siren) to no avail. N00b question, how do I go about tweaking an existing DTH??

I found the siren here in the Oslo-area (Norway) at an electrical supply shop called, unfortunately they do not seem to carry the Develco External Meter Interface…

Hi @Wolfreq, sorry for the delayed reply.

You can tweak an existing DTH by making a copy for yourself to customize. For your siren, you’ll need to know the “clusters” and “attributes” the device uses, which Develco does publish. Those should be close to, and/or, matching the Zigbee spec found on’s site.

You can use an existing DTH for your device and watch your IDE’s Live Logs to see what the device sends to the hub, and if the DTH isn’t sending events (usually through code starting with “log.debug”), you can add those where needed to capture the raw data from the device. I typically look for the part of the code where data is “parsed” from the device and then I send that raw data to the hub where I can see it via live logging. It will contain the cluster and attribute info you need to start figuring things out.

It could be that the existing DTH’s you’ve tried almost work, but just need a little tweaking to send the right config parameters to set up the device properly, or to look for a different cluster/attribute. You’ll need to know/learn a little about the Zigbee spec and what clusters/attributes to look for, as well and be familiar working with code.