Detect when salt level in water softener is low?

Very nice! Glad you were able to incorporate that. I might switch out to this new style from your “Gen 1” that I retrofitted! :slight_smile:


That is an equally elegant solution as well, Sergio, thanks for sharing!

It seems that the magnetic flux direction in your application is perpendicular to what my new version has, will it still work for you?

If so let please let me know and I’ll send you the components to retrofit both your units free of charge.

By the way, may I have your permission to use your picture in my web site?


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It very well might work as is since the actual device is pretty sensitive to the magnetic field it appears. Worse case I would move the device to be parallel with the embedded portion.

That’s very kind of you! I’d be more than happy to pay for shipping or even the two units. Very much into supporting small business and inventors like yourself!

Absolutely! Let me know if you need a higher resolution copy and I could send it over.

What sensor did you use?

Thanks Sergio!

I just shipped 2 sets of parts for you to retrofit your units, the tracking number is


Best regards


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Hello, Terri!

Not sure if your question is addressed to me or Sergio.

In any event, if it helps any reed switch will be actuated by the magnet embedded in the red piston.

Hope you are well and enjoying your unit of the low level indicator.

Best regards


Hello, I am using the standard SmartThings open/close sensor. But I think this setup would work with any magnet based open/close circuitry.

Hello! So I received the two units and they look great! I was able to confirm that they will work with the SmartThings open/close sensor. The magnetic direction appears to be perpendicular to each other meaning the magnet is oriented away from the sensor instead of parallel with it. Also probably due to difference in magnetic strength this setup is a bit more sensitive to the open/close status. Which works out great for me since its just small movement needed to notify me.

Very very happy with this, thank you again, I’ll take some pictures of the new setup and share with you.

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Wonderful, thanks for the feedback!!