Desktop Client

I agree. A web app would be much easier. Nest does not use any install applications, just log on through This would be much more platform compatible @Ben


What’s being planned for the Desktop client? Will it be similar to the ActiON Dashboard or will it have configuration options as well?

+1 for a desktop app. Windows user myself but both would be very valuable to have

I absolutely vote for a PC desktop app.

I also vote for a webapp - this would also allow for control via tablets as well! I’m a mac household personally, but a webapp (should) be platform agnostic right?

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For those asking for a web app, have you seen the ActiON Dashboard? It’s a cool web based dashboard written by community developer @625alex

It’s a pretty simple install of a SmartApp and all runs in the SmartThings cloud.

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edited. wrong discussion.

We want to have launch this year allowing account management on some device and location control as well but I do not know that it will be full featured like something along the lines of ActiON Dashboard.


I’d really like to see an app for Windows allowing configuration, etc like the IOS and Android apps - mainly because it’d be easier to do on a bigger screen. Action Dashboard is great - the only complaint I have with it is not being able to do configuration and setup.


If someone makes a desktop app, please include an API endpoint for a presence sensor - so we can know from ST if the app is being used.

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ActiON Dashboard is not being able to do configuration and setup because it is impossible. There is no API that would allow that.

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@Ben with the new windows 10, windows apps will be the same as windows phon apps, so i belive you only should have to port the existing windows phon app?

Mac computer

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+1 for mac computer, for me

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It would be really nice to have a desktop based interface for everything you can do with the phone app. I used the run the app in chrome happily and quickly until it stopped working and I could not get it fixed. I would love to overhaul all of my apps and dashboard commands etc some way faster than through the phone app interface. My vote is mac if it’s an actual app and not web based. If this is a v2 roadmap item it would be nice to know. Just knowing it is still on the radar would be great.

I know I am posting late on this thread, sorry.

I think a good approach is a browser based app. However, I would serve the app from the SmartHub. Cloud, errr… running stuff from servers on the Internet, is great, but, I think its important for my apps to work, even if my Internet connection goes down (which happens a lot…). The hub can serve as a buffer to my less than reliable ISP.

Bump! There are TONS of ways to integrate other technology if we have a PC/Mac client! Personally, I would prefer a local client as apposed to a web based client. Easier to script local client.

It would be a lot easier to setup all my rooms, rules, devices using my PC and keyboard instead of my little iPhone screen. +1 for windows 10 app or webapp - something to use on my PC


+1 For a linux client or if you’re going to make a windows client make sure that it will run in WINE. I’m sure the linux user base here is not as large as say the mac/win users but give Tux some love.

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The desktop application would be so useful. It gets hard to manage multiple devices on a phone. I’d love to see an application that enables me to create a wireframe of the house and let me manage and monitor he house room by room.