[Depricated] Lock Code Manager

@ben, @tyler

I’m wondering if it’s worth it to continue development on this at all…

Questions ahoy:

  • What features of LCM are going to be part of the new native solution?
  • Will the native solution provide abilities for scheduling… burn codes?
    • have you based features off of what customers have requested here?
  • If not, will there be new ST methods for developers to hook into (lock API)?
  • Will the new integration play well with SHM? (POWERFUL!)
    • Namely… disarming and confirmation (blink a light so that the user knows mode is disarmed;or- send a text, launch some fireworks ect…)
    • Support multiple SHM zones… this would take SHM to 11. (not related, but I’ll plug this thought wherever I can)


  • How close will the native solution’s scope come to LCM?
  • If all the features aren’t in the native solution, have you taken into account a developer API to close gaps?

Super excited to see this feature when it’s released.

I’d love to amp up my development for SmartThings. LCM has been a blast to make. You guys hiring developers in Minneapolis?