[Depricated]Ask Alexa 2.1.3

I’m in the midst of updating the Lambda code and ran into a little problem. I opened up the AskAlexa file in Lambda, then deleted all of the old code and replaced it with 2.1.3a.

I am getting this warning at both the top and bottom of the page:

You are pasting the wrong code into Lambda.

The code you are pasting (version 2.1.3a) should go into the SmartThings IDE.

The code for Lambda is actually the Node.js file located here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MichaelStruck/SmartThingsPublic/master/smartapps/michaelstruck/ask-alexa.src/Node.js

That should be 367 lines…the Alexa code is over 3000 lines.

Buhahahaha! What a numpty am I? Copy and paste without paying attention…

Thank you Sir! I’ll punch myself in the shop on your behalf. :slight_smile:

Something I noticed last night in the lambda…

My first couple of installs are only about 5k. The newer ones are over 20k.

All installs are the exact same code.

Maybe it is cumulative? Who knows…thank goodness we don’t get charged for the space we use.

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I have been very interested in askAlexa since you first demo’d it in a video. I’ve been put off by the developers accounts requirement, but I’m currently making my way through an attempt at an install.

So my sticking point (as I read through the wiki instructions) is the statements that it is better to assign/define all the devices in the smartapp before setting up the developers skill/utterances/whatever (haven’t gotton to a full understanding of how that part needs to work)
I don’t know exactly how I plan to use askAlexa beyond telling her to change bulb colors, but I’ve found that in reference to Alexa, I often have to rename devices many times to have commands which are reliably understood and intuitively conversational.

That’s my concern. If I go through and install AskAlexa with the devices I have, then I change the names(labels?) of those devices, or the CoRE device which is being used, or just delete something or add something, am I redoing askAlexa for all the changes I need to make, or worse yet, entirely?

I’m a tinkerer like most here. But I’m a fan of implementing something once, and still being able to mess with a lot of other stuff. Am I cautions about the AWS and developer stuff with understandable reason? or have I misunderstood the degree to which repeating work is needed?

Thanks! I am excited. Swimming looks like fun, but the water looks cold.

With the new Alias function you don’t have to rename anything. This will allow you to use the app and your set up ‘as is’ and see if renaming makes sense. At the end of the day you can’t get around the volume of devices in your household and remembering them. I have mind set up with just some key switches that I access, and then assign group/control macros for larger functions which is the real beauty of voice control.


Thanks, I’ll keep going and hopefully my constant tinkering doesn’t create too much askAlexa maintenance. Are harmony activities interactive with askAlexa? A large number of my virtual switches are nothing more than alias’ for Alexa initiated smartthings functions.

I don’t have a harmony so I can’t answer that; however if you access it via virtual switch then you can utilize those in Ask Alexa (or via the standard integration to keep down complexity).

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