[DEPRECIATED] Network Connected Ambient Weather Station V6

Dear @Moonshine,

The current Ambient Weather Station Tile V2, that I developed & support, does NOT pick up these additional remote temperature data values (temp1f…temp10f - Temperature 1…10, ºF ) returned from the ambientweather API.

SmartThings DTH’s must have a static number of tiles defined per DTH. In the current V2 DTH, I would need to create 8 different DTHs to display the potential number of WH31B’s units a person owned. This is not the best method to incorporate these additional sensors.

Ideally, a new Ambient Weather Station V3 DTH could be created to handle these remote temperature sensors in a master DTH with N child DTHs. The remote values from the WH31B would be displayed in separate ST devices so one could see them and initiate events based on changing values. Master/Child is how the devices like the Ecobee thermostat sensors work to handle and display their remote temperature sensors or Alarm systems with N number of window/door/motion sensors.

If I go this direction, I would need to test the V3 using your API Key and API developer code and we could PM these keys if this is a possibility when you get your system setup.

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