[DEPRECATED] webCoRE Beta Milestone 2

This is what I currently do, but it would be nice though to be able to have auto update with SmartThings.

Several of us would certainly agree with you

Whilst I agree it would be nice, I’m not sure I would enable it.
Can you imagine if a DH auto updated and then stopped working. It would be a nightmare diagnosing the issue.
Just my 2 pence. :smile:

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just a quick sanity check here.

The program just turns on the outside lights at sunset, when the mode is either night home or night away, and already off. Dim the light to 10% then turn it on. However, if either presence arrive. Fade the light to 90%, wait 5 min, then dim back to 10%. Lastly, turn on the living room light and turn off after 5min.

Can someone confirm whether the condition (see arrow) is the correct logic for setting the dimmer level? Can the dim level be set before the light is actually on? Or is it the other way around where the light must first come on–set to whatever it has configured, then come down 10% which I’ve defined?

Similarly, the logic configured inside the ‘3’ there. Since the light is programmed to come on at 10% dim level (see arrow). I expect to increase the dimmer to 90%, wait 5 minutes before returning to 10%.

Just wondering if this would be simplest method of programming outside lights with presence.


First, Yes. “Set level to” before fade is recommended for a smooth fade. You do not need the Turn On after set level as set level automatically turns on.

Does this Piston work sometimes and not others? I am still trying to wrap my head around triggers.

From my limited understanding, Triggers (actions that give you the lightning bolt) dictate which events the Piston subscribes to. So Since you do not have a trigger in the First If and have conditions that are not the same in the second If (under Else), then nothing gets evaluated until presence changes to present. (I think that how it works…)

Also, seems like the Else should not be used in the this situation. (Again, just from my limited knowledge)

Alternative Solution:
If I was to write this Piston, Then it would be:<—No pun intended :joy:

Add Group
If Date and Time happens daily at sunset
Location Mode changes to any of Night Home or Night Away
End Group
Time is between Sunset and Sunrise
Location Mode is any of…
Outside Light is Off
Using Outside…
Set Level

Any of Presence…
The rest of what you have above

If Date and Time happens daily at sunrise
Turn Off

I am getting this error in my pistons but I have all of the webCoRE apps updated to the latest version through Github.

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Funny you mentioned that. I just noticed it.
Any thoughts @ady624?

Same error message for me too

I am not getting that error, but I just checked and all 4 of my webCoRE apps are on version public static String version() { return “v0.2.0cb.20170626” }. I always update directly from github using the integration.

It does appear that Samsung made some changes to the back end IDE though. The smartapps are now appearing in different colors and some are italicized.

i’ve found a similar issue since implementing on my yale lock. setting to passage mode from another piston also causes my ‘notify on lock#1’ piston to trigger as well.

My IDE github integration does not work - I am not able to publish updates… so I published them manually

I just downloaded and installed WebCore and I’m not seeing all my physical devices when I try to create a simple piston. Can’t figure out why it’s showing some, but not others. Am I missing something like a setting somewhere? I tried finding other posts on this subject but to no avail so sorry if this has already been covered and I missed it. Thanks!

Go back to webCoRE in ST mobile app and check if all your available devices are selected.

You can authorize more devices in Automation > SmartApps > webCoRE > Settings > Available devices and contacts. Most devices will appear under “actuators” or “sensors” but there may be some devices that require you to dig into the list of capabilities.

For example, if you had a door sensor that did not show up under “Which sensors” you would likely be able to enable that sensor under “Contact sensors.”

Yep, that was it. I could have sworn I selected them all but obviously not. Thanks!

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I checked all 4 of my Smartaps and they are all at version v0.2.0cb.20170626 yet I still see that error in my logs.

My Apps and Device handlers are appearing straight away when I click on them in the ide.
They appear not in the correct state, can be light blue italic before turning black.
This is exactly the same as around 2 months ago when ST tried to improve the github integration and all my DTH github integration disappeared.
I’ll bet my socks that ST have tried to do this again and that this is causing the issue.

I have something weird with formatDateTime and datetime functions, they seem to always show today.
I try to convert this datetime string (from device) to a valid datetime.

This is my piston:

With this in the log:
22:42:54: info ║ LastOpened: 2017 Jun 22 Thu 10:24:16 PM
22:42:54: info ║ LastOpened with formatDateTime Contact Sensor 5: Wed, Jun 28 2017 @ 12:00:00 AM CEST
22:42:54: info ║ LastOpened with datetime Contact Sensor 5: Wed, Jun 28 2017 @ 12:00:00 AM CEST

Did i do something wrong?
I suppose the string is in the wrong format, but then returning today? would expect something like 1900-01-01 or something?

Ok, seems to be some sort of conversion issue. Playing around with changing my DH to get a date in the correct format.

I’m new to all of this.
Thanks for clarifying on the lights inquiry I had.

And you’re right, some of what I scripted is wrong since this piston didn’t run today at sunset?

Will try your suggestion, though.thanks