[DEPRECATED] webCoRE Beta Milestone 2

What is missing from webCoRE (that CoRE has), other than the FOLLOWED BY?

Someone already mentioned Piston Recovery … but I’ll mention it again :wink:

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A slow UI, but Core can keep that!!


You should be able to get the daily high and low using WC’s built-in JSON parsing. (See ady’s example here).

Use the expression $weather.forecast.forecast.simpleforecast.forecastday[0].high.fahrenheit for high and $weather.forecast.forecast.simpleforecast.forecastday[0].low.fahrenheit for low.

You added the orientation feature right before I’m leaving for the weekend, so I can’t test it out right away! I’ll be able to test it out on Sunday if someone else have beaten be to it by then.

This was the last feature I was still using core for. Thanks!!


I’ll try give it a go after work today and provide feedback. Thanks for adding the capability @ady624!

Thx a bunch.
Expanded the door status a bit my selv, did you look into finding the last time valu pr. device, using $time gives the same value on each row.
thinking something like $device:motion.lastactive.$time
You seem clever at this :smiley:

Webcore and Core does not handle unlocked by user actions in the same way

Core runs an action if the selected code is used on the lock to unlcok the door.
Webcore also do this but it also runs the actions selected for user #1 if the lock is unlocked by the app or by manually unlocking it from the inside.

This webcore piston gives me a notification no matter how the lock us unlocked (except for usercode 2 or higher)

This Core piston only gives me a notification if code #1 is actually used to unlock the door

Not yet … I created this rather quickly (between wifey chores, LOL) this past weekend. Also, I almost never have more than one device opened/unlocked at a time, so a simple time-stamp was satisfactory — for now. I’ll probably do something for time-value-per-device eventually :smile:

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@ady624 Is there any way to get \n to work in notifications?

NVM… I just realized that creating an expression and pressing enter will move the text to the new line and that’s mirrored in the notifications :slight_smile:

Now, we need a way to collapse it :slight_smile:


To get the data when it last changed status you can use the following:
time( addSeconds( $now, ( (-1) * age([$device:contact]) / 1000) ) )

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$now - age([$device:contact])


Using time( value ) will strip off the date and keep the time only.

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I suggested the function time because the original script was using the $time, and in my case the time is sufice, no need to have the full date.

But, now that you mention the time function, is there a way to return the time in a 24h format?

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Working as expected now.

I am loving this :slight_smile:

Did we get “Interaction” (Any, Physical, Programmatic) for switches in WebCore yet? I am using the variable “currentEventPhysicalDevice”. Having the interaction type in the main condition would make my piston’s simpler.


Yup, as of:

06/16/2017 >>> v0.2.0c2.20170616 - BETA M2 - Added support for lock codes, physical interaction

@ady624 - first off thank you for all the amazing work! ST team should buy you a case of your favorite beverage!

Next a few minor issues/requests…
-when editing expressions with mobile device (observed on android chrome and ios chrome), the cursor does not appear at the correct place. For example if I move the cursor to the beginning of word three in this text: “one two three four” and back space 3 times I might end up with “onwo three four”
-I really like the state variables for showing status dashboard of my devices (great ideas from the examples post). Some of these lines of text wrap unexpectedly early on my cellphone in portrait mode, and that takes up quite a bit more space than if it were one line. I think there may be a column on the right where you insert the ‘time until next execution’, is there any way to use this space if the time until is not displayed for a given piston
-at my work site, their firewall is preventing https://dashboard.webcore.co/ from displaying. I had a similar problem with ActionTiles for a while but they were able to fix it somehow

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What view is that?