[DEPRECATED] webCoRE Beta Milestone 2

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the notifications … at least, not for me :confounded:

I have not tried it.


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I need a device type that will display the high and low forecast temps for the day on a custom DTH.
I need this for running thermostat programming routines. I can get away with just a high temp for the day.

Is there anything someone has created to pull Hi temp forecast for the day? Or in webcore, is there anywhere to pull that value and assign to a variable?

I live in Phoenix where it gets hot as can be. (120 tomorrow)…
And I have tiered electric.
Mon-Fri: noon-7pm: .24/kWh
All other times: .06/kWh
I currently have my system drive full cold at 10:30am and then set 79 if home, 81 if away at noon till 7.
Basically I flood the house with cold air when it’s cheap in order to get max value out of my AC. Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve noticed it doesn’t really get very cold when the temp is 110+ outside and forecast higher. Less than 110, it usually keeps my ac off till 5-530pm. Over 110, it only gets 4-430pm before the ac kicks back on.

(I’m not looking to use the weather station device as that’s only current temp, not forecast. although I do have that installed)

So what I want to do is have the program drive cold earlier on days where the forecast temp is going to be very high.
Basically justadjust my rules in webcore to drive full cold at 9:30 instead of 10:30 if the day’s high forecast temp is over 110 (or any value i set). So what I need is somewhere to source the day’s high temp and in a separate piston either assign that value to a simulated temp sensor/thermostat, or just to a variable dynamic or global that can be used in the hvac program piston

ideas on achieving this guys?

Hi @ady624
I used the cancel task command and this turned up in the log.

Error executing virtual command [Bathroom Light].cancelTasks: (1ms) org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object ‘true’ with class ‘java.lang.Boolean’ to class ‘long’

Great work by the way :wink:

Is there a way to conditionally subscribe to events / triggers at run time? (and unsubscribe them)?

Hello @ady624
Can you add mobile web app support to the dashboard so when it’s added to the homescreen it will run fullscreen with the browser ui removed?


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I’m currently trying my best to break webCoRE and I just can’t! Arrrgg!!! Must find bugs! Must finds bugs!..Can’t find bugs. No fair @ady624

What the heck am I supposed to do now?

Adrian just released:

06/20/2017 >>> v0.2.0c5.20170620 - BETA M2 - Refactored date and time to be more user friendly and consistent to their data type …

Maybe you can try breaking the latest :wink:

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Oooo Oooo!


Should be fixed in the last version, are you up to date?

I am running V0.2.0c4 20170619. With you it is hard to be right up to date. :wink: . I will update and check tomorrow.

Thanks for the great work.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but I have noticed that with Trace On, sometimes when I create a new piston or update an existing one the Trace button does not show for the new or updated piston but it’s still there for the others. If I hit Test sometimes the Trace button appears but not always. I can’t find a strict pattern.

That is expected. The trace comes on, after the piston ran once…

Thanks Bobby.

I have a piston setting variables to false, I put an exit after these statements, and the variables are true…

what the heck?

I rolled back to an earlier version and that fixed the problem

I think today’s version is hosed.


I also have a piston setting a Boolean variable to false and it sets it to true.

Same here with a Boolean Global variable not changing.

Is the original Core still functioning for any one?
Mine completely died yesterday no pistons are working and it will not even open I’ll all i get is big ! " try again"

Sorry if I should of posted this on another thead but there appears to be no activity on any of the core threads