[DEPRECATED] webCoRE Beta Milestone 2

question on the webcore dashboard

I see a list of piston names, then after them I see true of false

what does the true or false mean?


I see at the top, my hub my mode of that location, then an unknown - what is the unknown?
(I do have two ST locations)

1: each piston has a state, by default, automatic state is enable and that defaults to a true or false depending on the truth of the last condition in the piston

2: Can’t really help without seeing a snapshot of that - where does it say unknown?

Is there an exit code one can use to adjust the state (or make it meaningful)?

Here is the screenshot

Do you not have SHM installed? That could explain the “(unknown)”

As for the state, yeah, people went nuts with that, literally.

In the piston editor, click its name and disable automatic piston state in that window. Then use the “Set piston state…” task or use the Exit statement and pass the state in that parameter there.

There’s a whole lot of ways to do crazy things in there, search through the threads, you can make text color using the [color | text] construct, you can use :fa-snowflake-o fa-spin: to get a rotating snow flake, etc. The [ color | text ] construct also allows for formatters like b, i, u, pre, flash (or blink) to make the text even richer.


yes, no shm in use.

thx on the state info. more to learn. Do any of the examples show this state and txt options?

Yes, start here: [DEPRECATED THREAD: visit community.webcore.co for assistance] WebCoRE - Example Pistons

@ahndee is officially the State Master as he’s the one who came up with this crazy creative idea.

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Some of us went only semi-crazy, but it does come in handy to monitor stuff without having to go to the ST app, LOL:


You know when I just got my first ST Hub I used to think ok now this is awesome and I now I can do some stuff. Then RM came along and I was like oh snap but well we all know that story. Then Core came along and was wow. Now with WebCore Holy Sh!t this is home automation at its finest. Thank you @ady624 for this wonderful piece of code.


@elf How did you manage to enter the newlines in the piston state? I tried using <br /> but - while it creates a newline in the editor - that shows up as <br /> in the dashboard.

(I’m currently using non-breaking spaces to try and force things to stay together but it’s not quite what I want).

@elf probably still sleeping lol, Use \r or \n

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Thanks - that works. I’m sure I had tried that as well before and it didn’t work. Maybe I tried before the status was allowed to wrap…

Fairly recent, it worked on the Log task first before Adrian added it to status.

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Maybe I tested on the notification - does it work there as well?

What @eibyer said … I used “\n” … I’m awake, though, LOL


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the notifications … at least, not for me :confounded:

I have not tried it.


[pre | blah blah    blah]

to make the spaces show, they’re stripped off otherwise


I need a device type that will display the high and low forecast temps for the day on a custom DTH.
I need this for running thermostat programming routines. I can get away with just a high temp for the day.

Is there anything someone has created to pull Hi temp forecast for the day? Or in webcore, is there anywhere to pull that value and assign to a variable?

I live in Phoenix where it gets hot as can be. (120 tomorrow)…
And I have tiered electric.
Mon-Fri: noon-7pm: .24/kWh
All other times: .06/kWh
I currently have my system drive full cold at 10:30am and then set 79 if home, 81 if away at noon till 7.
Basically I flood the house with cold air when it’s cheap in order to get max value out of my AC. Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve noticed it doesn’t really get very cold when the temp is 110+ outside and forecast higher. Less than 110, it usually keeps my ac off till 5-530pm. Over 110, it only gets 4-430pm before the ac kicks back on.

(I’m not looking to use the weather station device as that’s only current temp, not forecast. although I do have that installed)

So what I want to do is have the program drive cold earlier on days where the forecast temp is going to be very high.
Basically justadjust my rules in webcore to drive full cold at 9:30 instead of 10:30 if the day’s high forecast temp is over 110 (or any value i set). So what I need is somewhere to source the day’s high temp and in a separate piston either assign that value to a simulated temp sensor/thermostat, or just to a variable dynamic or global that can be used in the hvac program piston

ideas on achieving this guys?

Hi @ady624
I used the cancel task command and this turned up in the log.

Error executing virtual command [Bathroom Light].cancelTasks: (1ms) org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object ‘true’ with class ‘java.lang.Boolean’ to class ‘long’

Great work by the way :wink:

Is there a way to conditionally subscribe to events / triggers at run time? (and unsubscribe them)?