[DEPRECATED] Updated Ecobee Suite, v1.4.0 (Free)

What are you using to resume schedule? The helper app? Which one? Routine?

This is a silly question… But you do have both thermostats selected in the helper app, right?

I use it with 3 Ecobees at one location, and 2 at the other, and have never experienced what you describe.

Is there any chance that you have multiple DTHs for the ecobees? In general, even that shouldn’t be an issue, but it could pose a problem if both tried to update the thermostats at the same time…

@tscan -

The problem here is that the Routine is calling into the thermostat twice, once to change the heating setpoint, and once to change the cooling setpoint. THe ecobee API requires both to be provided, and one call or the other is using the wrong temperature setting - the first call can have wrong cooling if the thermostat(s) where in a Hold condition already (because the “resume” didn’t make the round-trip to the thermostat and back again in time), and the second because the heatingSetpoint didn’t complete the round trip).

The solution is pretty straight forward - I hope to have it fixed today…

Hello Barry,

Thanks for providing this. I’m trying to setup your ecobee suite but I keep running into errors during setup saying “device is currently in use”. I previously had My Ecobee Device but I just uninstalled that because it runs into race conditions and is huge (it misses changes often for me). I have uninstalled the device and all the accompany smartapps associated with My Ecobee Device and I still get the error. Pls any idea what’s going on and how to fix this?


I can’t be of much help to you with the My Ecobee Device…

I suspect maybe you tried to install my Ecobee Suite and it failed for some reason; or maybe you had an earlier version installed that isn’t totally removed. You’ll need to get rid of all of those to install the new one.

I suggest looking through all your Devices and running SmartApps in the IDE to see if there are any other devices with Ecobee (or ecobee) in the name.

Thanks for the response.

First time trying out Ecobee Suite so no earlier version. It’s when I try to install Ecobee Suite that I’m getting the error. I do have smartapps with ecobee in the name in the IDE (haven’t removed the My Ecobee Device SmartApps or Device Handler yet). Do I need to remove all those to get this to work even though they are not currently installed in the app?

I went ahead and deleted every smartapp and device handler that had ecobee in it (or was installed by My Ecobee Device) and still the same issues persist.

You don’t have to remove them from My Device Handlers or My SmartApps, but if they appear in My Devices or in the list of SmartApps running in your location (check by going to My Locations in the IDE, then click on “smartapps” under “Installed SmartApps”), you might want to remove them.

It could be that the first Ecobee Suite exited early, leaving artifacts - so check to see if there’s anything with “Ecobee Suite” (or any form of that) in the name.

Also, be sure that you have copied ALL of the Ecobee Suite SmartApps into your IDE - Ecobee Suite Manager won’t work if any of them aren’t installed in the IDE (they don’t have to be published, but they do have to be there).

If that doesn’t work, PM me the Live Logging text for “My Ecobee Suite” when the error occurs…maybe that will tell us something.

Yeah, there’s definitely something wrong. I just deleted everything and restarted and I still get the same issues. Also, I did make sure there was nothing in installed smartapps or devices with ecobee. And yup, both device handlers and 9 smartapps installed and published.

Something also weird is the first time I open Ecobee Suite Manager, it always gives an error saying “Something’s Wrong. We can’t load your screen right now”. Hitting “Retry” clears that up though.

Sending over the live log now. Thanks

Works fine now. Thanks Barry for your help.

For anyone else experiencing the issue, the problem was that the ecobee suite manager was creating a temporary sensor and thermostat but was having issues deleting them before the next step and so, thought the ecobee was already in use. To fix it, you need to manually delete them and go back to ecobee suite manager to finish setup.

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Yeah, you shouldn’t have to do the manual delete, but there’s apparently an error condition that leaves them around when something goes wrong during setup. I’ll try to find/fix that as soon as I can…

Unfortunately i lost my Internet connection before I could complete the testing of my solution. I will post the solution once I am able to finish the testing…my apologies…

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I’m trying to delete my old thermostat device now that the new 1.4 version is working. I try from ST IDE and it says I’m not authorized. Do I have to remove it from every connected SmartApp first?

Yes, to remove any ST Device, you must first remove it from each SmartApp or Routine that is using it.

Is there anyway currently (or is this even an API possibility) to change the parameters for a Program. For instance,I would like to create a virtual switch that I can toggle when Family is staying with us, and from that change the parameters of one or more modes for the thermostat.

As an example, my downstairs thermostat during the Sleep Program typically is set to Auto Mode with a temperature range of 66 to 74. However, if we have family staying we want to make it more comfortable for them and I have to manually go into the settings and change the Sleep Program to be somewhere around 71 to 73.

It would be nice to react to a virtual switch, or maybe even a presence sensor to override the settings for a program.

Sometimes simple is best… you could set up a set Programs on your thermostat(s) that use the desired settings (e.g., Guest-Sleep, Guest-Home, etc.), and then create a set of Mode/Routine/Program Helpers that switch the thermostat to those programs when your ST Mode changes (or a Routine runs, like “Goonight!”). Then you could Temporarily Disable these Helpers (at the bottom of the setup page for each) until you have guests.

A second approach many use is to create separate ST Modes for when Guests are present, even having them changed automatically by ST Routines that are passed on Presence Sensors (one set runs only when none of the Parents’ Presence Sensors are present, and the other set runs when they are). Then you just have the Ecobee Suite Mode/Routine helpers attach to the appropriate ST Mode/Routine, and change the thermostat programs as appropriate.

A bit more complicated is to use WebCore pistons to control which thermostat programs are run based on whatever switches/sensors you want. The API entry point you want is thermostat.setThermostatProgram(“Guest-Sleep”), for example.

That said, I may consider making an extension to the Mode/Routine/Program handler that allows a switch (real or virtual) to cause an alternate Program to be set on a Mode/Routine change. I’m just not sure how soon I would get to that - lots of balls in the air for me right now).

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Thanks for the quick response, no worries…was more of a pipe dream for something that happens maybe 1 time a month on average. I honestly favor the Webcore method (got an addiction to it right now). Your method sounds like it would work well, with the exception that I have a schedule already defined in Ecobee and this would require trying to match the times of that schedule to force overrides.


As of 4:35pm EST on March 27, 2018, Ecobee Suite Thermostat has been updated to version 1.4.06

New in this release:

  • Fixed the condition that @tscan reported where SmartThings Routines (or custom SmartApps or webCoRE) that changed both the heatingSetpoint and the coolingSetpoint could result in Ecobee Suite incorrectly setting one of the setpoints (usually the heatingSetpoint).
  • Optimized the performance of changing heat/cool temperature setpoints

This update is highly recommended for all users


Looks like you are on 1.4.13, now.

Any word on integrating the Ecobee Switch+ in the future?

I haven’t really given it any thought. SmartThings’ Ecobee support does support the switch, and I think you can install it without connecting the Thermostats (but, I haven’t tried it). Not sure I understand the need for adding support for it to the Suite…but I’m willing to consider use cases - do you have any?