[DEPRECATED] - Universal ZigBee Lock DTH with Lock Codes

I’m running the older YRD 210 locks. Mine show the proper battery % using the above DTH, I have 2 of them

I’ve submitted a patch to allow users to select if they need to apply the battery fix for their lock. As per the Yale specs it reports battery in 1% increments (0x00 to 0x64) but it looks like they may have changed it.
There’s a better way to handle this in terms of identifying the model numbers and firmware versions and the automatically do it but this approach allows for more flexibility for users to handle it manually with little maintenance.

I have a YRD226 and I just installed a brand new Zigbee module I bought from the Yale website. I would assume it’s the latest but not positive.

I had a Z-Wave Plus module in it but had a lot of reliability issues no matter what I did. The Zigbee module does work more reliably.

Ah. So you do have one of the new Assure locks, awesome. Let me see if I can tweak the DTH. At some point I really want to make this correctly implement the lock code capability. Been swamped with other work and haven’t had the time to maintain this code.

That would be great. I switched to the stock handler for now but if you let me know once you get your tweaks done, I’ll be more than happy to test it. I like the extras yours offered over the stock handler which really offers nothing beyond open/close and battery.

Any idea why I cannot control my lock in the new Samsung app, but it still works fine in the classic app? Thanks! Running 1.7a.

New app doesnt like Custom DTH.

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Hello, I configured my ZigBee Kwikset with your DTH, in the simulator with my device works fine, but on Samsung S9+ when try to manipulate it doesn’t work,clic on the device and do nothing.

Any Idea? :frowning:

Is the lock and unlock not working? I don’t believe Kwikset supports ZigBee commands for anything but setting codes and lock/unlock. Also make sure you are using the classic app.

If you still have issues you can try re-pairing the lock.

Yes, lock/unlock work fine with the classic app I mean, only lock and unlock the door, but I would like to send codes or receive notifications like, “the door has been opened with the code 02”… is it possible?, I was thinking your programming code could do that… Am I wrong?

My situation has changed and I’ve not had time to update this to the command changes SmartThings made when they released their ability to add codes, thus the deprecated. I believe this DTH only works with the @RBoy lock app and the much older @ethayer lock app.

Do you know if it works with YDF40 zigbee module?

Tried this DTH using new app. Works fine but have to click the tile to access lock
/unlock spinner button. The stock DTH has a button directly on the tile.

Is there a way to clear the tamper alert in the new ST app for a lock with this DTH? I see in the temper alert section that the status is “Tempered” with a red indicator. But I can’t figure out now to reset/clear it. I remember in the old app there’s a way to clear the alert. Can anyone help?

No way to clear tamper in new app. But just so you know, the official DTH (zigbee lock with codes) now has the same functionality as this DTH but without the tamper function

Thanks… is the official DTH compatible with RBoy’s lock user manager? If it is then I might consider switching just so I don’t have to look at the tampered status.

yes it is compatible

Ok thanks for the confirmation. Just to clarify, for the official DTH, I only see “Zigbee Lock” and “Zigbee Lock without Codes”. So I should choose “Zigbee Lock”?

Yes pick zigbee lock. This will be a cloud run DTH as all lock DTH that support lock codes will do. Only the ZIgbee without codes run locally

I am using a Easy Access door-lock and I am having problems with seeing the lock state. When I unlock the door trough smartthings the app says its still locked.