[DEPRECATED] - Universal ZigBee Lock DTH with Lock Codes

Two quick things to check. Are you running the latest version of my DTH code, version 1.6a? There was a bug in version 1.6. Also please confirm that you have set your lock to use my DTH. The errors you are seeing usually mean one of those two things.

Is the new version on github? Or do I need to install it from code? Because I have it all updated in the IDE from repo and the DTH is universal enhanced zigbee lock.

The latest version is available in GitHub and the link above. Should say version 1.6a in the comments. If that all looks good try one force reconfigure. Also, what lock do you have?

So then it’s updated. I have a kwikset 910.

Sorry, I’ll have to ask one more dumb question. Your Kwikset 910 is ZigBee correct? I have not seen the error you are experiencing. Unfortunately, I do not own a Kwikset lock to test with. I know others are using Kwikset and this DTH successfully. If possible could you PM me with your live logs after creating (or updating) a code. I’d like to see where the disconnect is.

The error you are showing means the lock manager app is sending a code, but the lock itself is not reporting that it was set. Therefore, the manager keeps trying to send the command to set the lock code. I’ll also try some additional testing with the lock I have.

Also to note, it seems that there may be several users experiencing this issue based on comments in the Lock Manager App thread. They use a different DTH, but in any case we’ll get to the bottom of it.

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Yes it is a zigbee lock. I will DM you one I get home. Thanks so much!

Was this ever resolved if I may ask?

Yes. The issue was that the state variables for the lock DTH did not match the state variables in the lock manager app. Somehow they got out of sync. I’ve added code to resolve this under force update.


Hi there,
I have the Yale YRD210 and I added everything per your instructions but nothing happens when I hit force reconfigure.
All options say as unsupported. This lock has the zigbee module. Any ideas?

I have not heard of this before but it sounds to me like the lock did not pair correctly. Try removing the device from SmartThings. Afterward, through the keypad rejoin the lock to the network.

Here’s the strange thing. The unsupported only shows up if the lock is detected to be a Kwikset. Not sure how that could happen for a Yale.

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Thanks for quick reply. I will try removing and reconnecting when. I get
back home. It does lock and unlock from the smartthings app so it seemed
like it paired just fine. I will reply if it doesn’t change anything.
Thank you

Big news. It seems that SmartThings is getting ready to release lock code capabilities natively.

For anyone who would like to see SmartThings new DTH code:

Yale ZigBee Code:

Kwikset ZigBee Code:


Seemingly when using this handler, I get TAMPER ALERT whenever i try to unlock/lock. Lock has been factory reset to ensure no alerts stored.

Doesnt happen with the STANDARD ZIGBEE LOCK handler.


Hmm I wonder if the lock is sending a jammed code. It is possible it would do that if it thinks the lock has not extended all the way. Can you PM me with your lock logs?

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Are you using a Schlage deadbolt lock? As @jhamstead pointed out it’s likely a jammed signal being sent.

its a YALE touchscreen dead bolt lock. Is it possible the Zigbee module can be defective?
I moved the module over to another lock on the property and got the same alert.

That lock is VERY sensitive to deadbolt frame alignment. If the deabolt even scrapes the frame lightly it sends a jammed message. Check your alignment again on both locks. It should not touch the frame at all.

Good to know - I’ll reinstall/realign and report back whether that was it.

Thanks for the headsup

came back to report - disassembled the lock and tried unlocking and locking while it was apart on bench (deadbolt remained in door) still cane back with Tamper.

just moved to your lock management apps and testing out 5.09 now… very nice :ok_hand: