[DEPRECATED] - Universal ZigBee Lock DTH with Lock Codes

Is possible send notification is lock still unlock for X minutes?

Thats not something the DH does, it’s done by a SmartApp. You can setup a rule in CoRE to notify you of the same or use one of ST built in door/window rules from the Marketplace. The job of the DH is only to provide an interface between ST and the device to access the device features.

My current setup:
SmartApp - Lock Code Manager (ethayer) 4.1.5
Device Handler - Universal Enhanced ZigBee Lock (jhamstead) 0.5a
Kwikset 916

First of all, thank you devs for your contributions.

My setup has been working fine for the past month, although I had some grief with initial pairing of the lock and with the user/code nuances of the smartapp. I’ve been hesitating to update the DH to the latest version because of the remove/re-add requirement and I see most enhancements are for non-Kwikset locks. I’m willing to go through this again if I can get this feature: trigger routine when external keypad lock button is pressed.

I don’t see this feature in Lock Code Manager but it’s mentioned on RBoy’s Lock Multi User Management smartapp. Is this supported with this DH?

I have a Kwikset 914 and this works great for it. Is there a SmartApp that will allow me to set the Auto-Lock feature? I really don’t want to have to take the panel off again.

Unfortunately Kwiksets doesn’t allow remote configuration (only reading), you’ll have to set it physically via the dip switches.

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So this DH has the capability and sends the information. Honestly I can’t remember if version 0.5a has all of the bugs out of it but I think that capability was working. Better reporting of the Kwikset lock settings was added in version 0.6 but not a lot more specifically for Kwikset.

Now when it comes to SmartApp support for notifications when any lock message, or a specific user code is used to lock, the current version of Lock Code Manager does not support it. @ethayer is working on a new version. Perhaps he can add it as a feature in future releases. Otherwise you will need to use @RBoy’s smart app.

New lock manager:

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Both the old app and the beta support notifications on lock/unlock events.

Erik has unlocked Front Door

Push/SMS/Event support.

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Thanks. I think I didn’t write that correctly. The feature he’s looking for is one touch locking notification. Any manual lock event to execute a routine.

Yeah I think you’re right. I had that option on the old app but I don’t know if it still exists currently. The new app doesn’t have it, as that more or less fell off my radar.

Thanks again for your work. In any case, not sure how much time I have but if you ever need any help with your SmartApp, let me know.

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My use cases for the lock smartapp:

  1. Program codes
  2. Trigger routine on unlock via keypad
  3. Trigger routine on lock via keypad

I’m already using the original app for 1 and 2. It has push notification settings for lock events, but a) there’s no setting to trigger routine/home mode phrase, and b) doesn’t differentiate locking via one-touch, manually via key/knob, or through ST (can the Kwikset lock tell these apart?).

If you plan to implement 3 on the new app, I’d gladly try it out. I assume it already does 2 too.

Awesome, you’re right. I’ll be putting in capability for that in the new app shortly. Both apps trigger hello home actions on unlock.

Do you mean keypad as in the locks internal keypad? If you mean stand-alone keypad, I’m also going to be building in support for that soon too! I just purchased a keypad from Lowes as they are 15-60% off until mid-april!

I didn’t have a keypad before, so I let other people create that feature via a pull request.

Either way, those features are on the radar.

Yes, the keypad built into the lock. So if I’m outside the house, I’ll press the lock button and it will trigger a ‘goodbye’ routine. Otherwise, if I’m inside and mechanically lock the knob, it will trigger a ‘welcome’ routine. Of course this will be reversed in your scenario for standalone keypads which are inside the house.

Thanks for tracking this feature. I’ll keep an eye on the new app’s thread.

Updated to version 1.2. As long as you upgrade from version 0.7a (or later), or this is a fresh install, just replace the old DTH and hit force reconfigure. Otherwise if you upgrade from an old Universal Enhanced Zigbee Lock DTH you will need to remove your lock from SmartThings and readd it.

This version adds the Health Check Capability. Health Check is a recently implemented feature by SmartThings to better determine if a device has become unresponsive. Version 1.1 changed the on/off attributes to true/false. Both are recommended updates but not required.

Updated to version 1.2c. Adjusted colors to match SmartThings new color scheme.

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And another small update to version 1.2d. This adjusts some text in the UI due to changes in the new SmartThings 2.3 Mobile App.

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Can you give me the info for the GitHub integration with the ST for the DTH updating?

Sure. It is listed at the top. jhamstead/jhamstead master.

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Updated to Version 1.3 for compatibility with @ethayer’s new SmartApp below.


I have to say, it is AWESOME that you made this compatible with v1.0 so quickly.