[DEPRECATED THREAD] webCoRE Beta Milestone 1

And the other half is nagging @ady624, who has always been one step ahead of any bugs so the next person doesn’t trip over. :smile:


Yep, you are correct. That is also why I only paused all of my core pistons, takes 5 seconds to fix my issue for now, unitl @ady624 finds the bug, lol.

I was able to narrow it down a little, I built a piston with a local variable for the rain and it is getting data, so it is something with the global variable. So the screen shot shows I am getting the data.

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How do I save the mode of my thermostat to a variable? Just testing at the moment, so I’ve got a virtual button that when I press it, it should save the mode to the variable and turn off the thermostat. When I press it again, it should use the variable to set the mode of the thermostat back to what it was before… Any help would be appreciated!

All that’s showing in the variable is "Thermostat 1’s thermostatmode. Logs are showing it’s setting the mode, but it’s setting the mode back to off… like it’s not saving the mode in the variable, just a pointer back to the mode…

Im Im a little confused should i upgrade or not?
This is this not a good thing?

Well, it depends. It is the right thing, but it could create problems. If you have a piston that uses bulbs and the bulbs are unavailable, they may not take the commands you are sending. I know in the past, even if the bulb was showing unavailable in the Hue app, the ST app was showing them as available and the piston would work. That may have changed with the new update. This is purely a red flag, as I didn’t get a chance to actually test.

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This piston is using up 53% memory. Although doesn’t seem a problem, it surprised me given how short it is. What is it that’s chewing up the space? In fact, in general, how is memory usage driven? In old CoRE I would have written this as 2, 1 for turn on and 1 for turn off. The turn off would have been on turning off wait X minutes and cancel on piston state change but I thought the off for X minutes would generate less traffic in the event history so gave it a try.

What @anon36505037 said, see below from Adrian’s previous reply on the subject.


Here’s a thermostat piston I use when my back door is left open. Maybe it can help. By using a Dynamic variable, I don’t have to worry about what type of data it is.

@destructure00, i missed your reply the other night. thank you for the example and information.

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Fixed. Thx. Fortunately my iPad still works since I didn’t update to the latest ST mobile app.

It’s not me :smiley:

Updated to 0a0 - moved logs to each piston, the logging level is no longer in the Smart App. Each piston gets its own, thinking of having it so that once logs enabled, it reverts to None in 24h - there is no need to put extra stress on the platform logging stuff when it’s really NOT needed.

Also added an (untested) kill switch in the parent app - pistons will simply abort if enabled.


So I have a recommendation based on findings with the ST team. I recommend that the number of selected devices in a single webCoRE instance does not exceed 50.

At 81 devices, the start time for the piston is around 300-500ms. At 127, it goes up to 1500-2000ms.

So breaking them down by area of expertise (ie lights control in one instance, music control in another, etc) may improve performance.

Also, don’t just select all devices because you can, try and select those you need only.

I will provide a way to identify devices that are selected but not used.

As promised, here are logs from a piston I have that polls every minute and eventually dies. It’s happening with similar Sonos And Harmony refreshes, doesn’t look like the logs are helping.

I believe I took some measures for that to stop happening in 09f but you haven’t yet upgraded. Try that and let me know please. I believe the problem is with devices that use HTTP to poll/refresh (like the Harmony). Eventually those HTTP requests time out, causing the piston to end unexpectedly, before getting the chance to resubscribe to time events.

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You can see from your logs that the last Poll took 10s. The author of the DTH should implement async HTTP requests - ST has support for that now.

Interesting. Tagging @tobycth3.

@ady624 Need some help here, I just updated an hour ago and now not a single piston is firing. Here is from ST logs. Every one of my pistons looks like this, is this something I did, please help! Webcore does not show any logs since the update.

Update to 0a1 please, then visit the smart app’s settings, toggle the kill switch on and off then save. Looks like input type “boolean” returns a string, not a boolean… my mistake, sowwy

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What kill switch, are you talking about the disable all pistons?