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is anybody else having problems viewing individual pistons? I can see my dashboard and my list of 90 pistons, but when i click on one it’s just a blank screen. started 30 minutes ago… @ady624


Is there anyway to organize this topic by thread or issue or whatever the correct terminology is… Gone for a few days, come back to over 100 posts. Trying to follow them thru taxes my simple mind. :slight_smile:

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Nope. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks of this style forum/message board

I did some searching but couldn’t figure out if there is a way to read status of contact sensors? At the moment I have two pistons, one to notify when contacts change to open, another when they change to close. II set local variable with devices matching. Then I send notification SMS using the local variable indicating which doors triggered. I want to combine this into one piston using any changes, if not too difficult; but I don’t have any indication in the SMS if the changed contact is open or closed.

Thanks in advance!

{[devicename:contact]} in your SMS message should give ‘open’ or ‘closed’ status

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I’ve implemented this logic in my piston rather than use the StopDupeFlag Boolean I was using previously. Also, now that multiple devices chosen for capture are separated with ANDs instead of OR’s, I think capture/restore will probably work just fine (when I can get home and test it.) Thank you!

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I would like some help with this piston. Does the logic look correct?
What I am trying to do is run my Good Night routine. Since I go to bed at different times, I thought I would start the piston around my usual bed time 11pm. If I am early, no big deal. If I happen to still be up, which happens often, the piston won’t run due to motion sensors showing activity.
What I am not sure of is if my ordering of conditions is correct. I suspect I don’t have a trigger, and that’s why its not running my routine. I’m probably either over thinking this or not thinking enough.

In a notification message, can it use a variable as device name like {[{ChangedDoors}:contact]} , because I won’t know which of the 5 triggered ? Thanks again!

I believe $currentEventDevice would hold that info, so {[$currentEventDevice:contact]} should be the key


@ady624 just added the JSON parser task in the latest version. We can now extract that info you want from the AccuWeather information.

Add a task:

Parse JSON data {[AccuWeather (XXXXX) :forecast]};   (XXXXX will be the zip code)
Set variable {forecast} = {$json.12hr.temperature};


  dynamic forecast; /* 81.0 */
end define;

I would have thought that would work but if it’s not, try moving your ‘Only When’ into your IF statement.
Any of Presence
All of Motion Inactive for 10
Location Is Home.
See if that works.

Here’s what I use for my bedtime piston. Works pretty well. The Outlet 3 is my TV because we would fall asleep on the couch and when we woke up we realized we couldn’t move else set the alarms off. :slight_smile:

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John, the repeat you put in there, does that cause the piston to re-evaluate the conditions every 15 minutes starting at 10pm?

I like what you have done here. I need to add in my presence sensors, but your piston is great.
I’m also trying to figure out a way to use my Harmony Hub as a sensor. Something like you do with the outlet. I was just starting to read a thread when your answer came through.

Haha…certainly easier with the ActionTiles. I was just using a bedtime routine/piston and triggering through Alexa but I was always forgetting.

Yes, 15 minutes after motion stops and TV is turned off the house is put to sleep.

I agree, and I could incorporate it into a double press of the off fan switch when I leave the room. The key to that last statement is “I”. Meaning, I would be the only one to do it. lol

My good night routine includes all kinds of “turn this off” and “close this” (in case things are left open by the teen).

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Thanks @eibyer. I looked for examples on how to do that. I found one, but can’t figure out how to apply it so my piston. Could you perhaps be of more assistance on how I should do that please?

I’ll try to import your piston later and see what I can come up with.

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How I include the value of two local variables to be displayed in “set piston state”?

I know it has to be an expression…something like

{{variable1} + {variable2}}

?? Thanks eric


I’m setting piston state with a variable to be displayed, but I want to also display a second variable as well.