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That happens to me too when I have a piston tell me my t-stat’s current setpoint. It comes out with 3 decimal spots.

Try round() the data.


replace the



{format('%.2f', @LoungeAirQuality)}

Use whatever number of decimals you want, the example shows 2 decimal places. Or if you don’t want decimals, use:


like @eibyer suggested.

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@949BFN another option, is to use the drops below trigger when comparing if temperature has fallen below a certain threshold.

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@Baz2473 What do you think webCoRE is?! :wink:

Create a device-typed variable and add all the devices to it, then use this expression, where devices is the name of your variable:


@ady624, I’ve finally had time to work on this darn piston. Does this look about right?

It’s ridiculously amazing,! :wink: but it’s also very hard to understand the complicated stuff without help from people with the brains that I don’t have.

I currently have about 60 pistons automating my entire house. So I’m getting there with understanding it just not quite got the variables worked out yet?

Is there a wiki explaining how to use all the advanced stuff yet? In an easy to understand way.

I’ve probably understood what you said completely wrong.
Is this more like it?

@Baz2473 You got it right, that should work

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I’ll buy that, but it always logs (even when logging is no logging) and it is orange - which isn’t green or black - so it must be important.

To the point, in these two pistons should parallelism be enabled or not?

The reason it is a warning is because in many cases this is a user error. For example, if you subscribe to a switch and toggle that switch in the same piston run, you are very likely to get that warning, because that toggle will immediately trigger another piston run. Sometimes that is intentional/ok, most time it is not. I can make it a debug, so the orange goes away, but there is a reason for that. It is NOT an error and it does not automatically point to a problem, but it might.

Would anyone be willing to help me create a piston? I’m pretty new to webCoRE and struggling for some reason. What I’m trying to do is control a light when a pressure mat is stepped on. I’m trying to do something like the following:

Contact Sensor Changes
Capture current state of light (on/off, level, color)
Turn light green (if already on, if not, turn on then set color to green)
Wait 5 min
Return light to previous state

I was first trying to accomplish this in CoRE, but would like to learn webCoRE. One thing I’m struggling with is capturing the current state. Do I need 3 variables for this?

The capture/restore feature is still missing (working on it - should be out in a couple of days).

Meanwhile you can manually store that info and save it.

To answer your question, nobody here wants to help unless you contrib… nah, failed joke :wink: some may get it though :wink:

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Didn’t even realize that the capture/restore wasn’t part of webCoRE yet, but good to know. :slight_smile:
Manually storing is fine with me. Whatever works… works.

annnnnd… joke was lost on me. Sorry, I fail.

what attribute is that pressure sensor providing? And what values? There is no capability in ST for mechanical pressure, just sound pressure, and it provides a level 0-100%.

The hard part about this is… you want to only capture the status once, not for repeated steps - if they happen within the 5 minutes…

Pressure sensor is connected to a z-wave contact (open/close) sensor, but I’m using a custom DH so the values are flipped. By default it reports as open with a description of “empty”. When you step on the mat it reports as closed, with a description of “stepped on”. Not exactly a pressure mat to report pressure… just an open/close.

Our door isn’t in line of sight when in the living room, so I’m teaching my puppy to step on it when he needs to go outside. :slight_smile:

This should get you started

Add a new piston and use the orange option, import code is phjuq

You will be asked to choose your contact sensor (mat) and light in the process.

Correct, and it doesn’t specifically matter if the change is an open or close, just that something happened. My assumption is that my dog isn’t going to step on the mat and stay on the mat until I make it to the door. More than likely it will be an on/off, on/off, on/off until I’m there.

Amazing! Thank you so much. I’ll give this a shot!

Just found a bug in webCoRE, fixing it, will need to update for this to work, sorry :smiley: