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not sure, but believe that’s true for physical devices and false for virtual devices. someone please correct if I got that wrong.

when you recieve the new off event could you check the previous event to confirm that it was also an off event?

Flash Off is to turn the flash command for lights off (makes lights blink). What do you mean by a trace, I can do that but wasn’t sure how.

I can do #3, fuel streams will be a paid feature, along with the live dashboard view. They are both being built, they will be free until they are finalized. I can do event logs the same way. Unfortunatelly, JS’s reliance on local storage is not the best solution. Local storage is limited to about 5MB depending on platform/browser. InnoDB offers a much bigger space but it is not universal across platforms/browsers, and #4 would also require that the UI is always on to be able to retrieve and store them, which makes it impossible to use reliably.

Those two are the main differences, yes. Not sure if they are documented anywhere, to be honest

No, some devices inform on how the change happened - the user physically interacting with the device, or ST changing it programatically. True means it was a user physical interaction, such as turning the light on.

@ady624 it’s the old manual or programmatic. thank you for clearing that up.

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on the piston view, check at the bottom of the piston for the Trace button … like below. Only visible after the piston has been executed at least once. Turn it on then trigger an Arm, Contact Open then Disarm event and you will be able to see which conditions and statements were true and executed respectively. Share the trace snapshot after the Disarm event.

@ady624 #3 is probably the best option for most, that’s also what made it my top recommendation. while #4 is my personal preference it would require using a combo of additional software and/or hardware (think like pi) to solve.

makes sense that fuel streams, live dashboard and event logs would have to be paid features. it may be time to put some text or watermark on those pages so its clear that they are intended to become premium features once out of beta, just a suggestion.


When I physically press off while the switch is off already, I get an entry in live logging in the IDE. Is there a way to use this as a trigger? Or can I only use state changes as triggers?

There used to be an old smart app called “double duty” that allowed to do that but it stopped working after changes Smartthings made.

Thank you!

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Sure! I took a peak at the dashboard and saw that the tiles for My rgbw lights were coloured. (My bulbs were set about the same hue. I didn’t change the colour to see if the dash changed.) I think it would be nice to see colour setting at a glance. Action tiles shows the bulb colour in the tile but its just a tiny icon in the corner.

we are supposed to see colored tiles? mine are all greyed out … or is this in the closed beta? :wink:

All are grey on mine too. Just the tile with RGBW devices that are on have a tint of colour on the bulb icon.

I’ve struggled with this one for awhile. I concluded the answer is “no”, but would love to be proven wrong.


Anyone know?

I used that DH Has it been updated? When I press Low the mobile app shows MED fan runs at low speed. Press MED it shows High? I’m using the generic Z-wave smart fan control DH now. Best of both worlds. Button and a slider. LED indicator control also.

I have the following piston based on a timer that’s been working for weeks but stopped working in the last day or so.

It now says:

This piston does not subscribe to any events. Unless executed by other means, it will never run on its own.

There’s also an error in the logs:
║An error occurred while executing the event: org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object ‘1970-01-01T17:20:00.000Z’ with class ‘java.lang.String’ to class ‘long’

The piston is driven of a global variable of type time. It appears however that that variable isn’t being set or recognized anymore perhaps?

Oh boy, what am I getting myself into…requested an account :wink:


Anyone? I don’t feel like this is hard…I must be missing something. @ady624?

So I’m wanting to roll my own Vacation timer piston. How can I get webCoRE to randomly choose from a list of switches to turn on?

Something like this from up above?


Maybe at least a starting point (hope I’m linking the right one)

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