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I updated the piston smart app but this bug is still present:

║║Comparison 229 is_inside_of_range 0 … 200 = true (8ms)

Make sure you publish it too

maybe I didn’t get the change via the IDE as I thought I had. Trying again with the raw code from github…

And… yep:

+554ms ║║Calculating (integer) 300 - (integer) 100 >> (integer) 200
+570ms ║║Comparison 316 is_inside_of_range 0 … 200 = false (10ms)


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The best thing you can do is test things out and then if you find a problem try to isolate it down to what is replicating it. If possible break it down in a new piston and then share the green code and how to replicate the issue. Showing logs of what is not working also helps others to narrow a problem down and certainly helps Adrian.

He is currently trying to squash any known bugs that have surfaced and move into Beta Milestone 2. I believe he is shooting for a July RC date.

@c1arkbar Thank you, makes sense. I will continue to do that.

Great to hear of the July RC date. Just trying to understand what defines and measures what a RC will be? webCoRE is so powerful and the range of scenarios it can possible automate is truly amazing. With a RC folks might start feeling more comfortable about using webCoRE for automation that crosses the threshold from nice to have to need to have. With that often comes a different level of implied expectation from the community of highly stable and compatible releases.

Please understand that like many many others here I very much appreciate @ady624’s hard work to make webCoRE available as free software. The willingness and effort it takes to do so is nothing short of awesome. My questions and comments are only meant to encourage webCoRE to become even more better and not only be able to support the nice to have and the need to have but also the must have.

Thank you again for your help on multiple occasions and @ady624 for a truly amazing piece of free software.

Can anyone point me in the right directory for battery level checking and notification? I am fine with coding, but for the life of me have been struggling with webCoRE. I can’t figure out how to create an action to send a notification (either by SMS or Push Notification) after doing the check. I also can’t find a way to modify a global variable during an action since it is only showing devices for actions. Clearly I am missing something. I’ve checked out the samples in the wiki and it looks like it can be done…but I can’t find how to edit the code to include a push notification (again, because all I have when I click on “add an action” is to trigger a device. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

In the Actions dialogue pick the virtual device Location then click Add Task button to go to next screen. The drop down on that screen will have list of notification tasks along with other tasks.

OMG…I feel so stupid…thank you! Carry on…(my wayward son…).

You are welcome. We all have these days …

This is actually an action available under all things

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Any examples of using a negative time offset with happens daily at?


Just enter a negative value in the offset field.

Thanks, but does not seem to accept sign in the offset field.

Ah, I was thinking of timer. What are you trying to construct that needs an offset for time happens at?

holiday season lights, want to turn on and off the lights +60 and -60 of sunset and sunrise respectively.

found the addminutes(datetime,mins) method from source search … using that. hopefully that works.

Can anybody tell me if this will work?

I have a tv and a motion sensor in the “yoga room”
[ yoga room TV ]
[ sensor: yoga room ]
I also have speaker set up for the whole house:
[Speaker: fire tablet…]

What I want is when the TV is on and no motion detected for 40 minutes, play an audio alert “yoga room TV will shut off in five minutes with no motion detected”

Then wait 5 min and if motion not detected shut off yoga room tv
If motion was detected, play audio: " Motion was detected in yoga room TV will not shut off "
Also, do not shutoff tv and keep watching for 40min no motion

Did I do this right?

Here is my weekly battery level check.
Feel free to import if you wish.

I like it! Wrote mine last night, but I have a couple of questions on yours:

  1. Is there a reason you are using local variables versus global variables? Since I am building a maintenance routine to turn on a sensor (it can be turned on or off) if it’s off and then notify me, I chose a global variable since I don’t want it to notify me if it’s unresponsive due to battery level. Do I have that right?

  2. In your last notification, it looks like your test is for 15-40%, but your notification is for 7-40%. Is there some oddity when batteries get low that you adjusted for? I set mine to notify me when the battery is less than 10%…thinking that would give me a week or so to take care of the issue. Any reason I wouldn’t want to do that?

I picked local variables because when I defined this we were in alpha and global variables were not fully functional.

No oddity. When I built this I put in 7, rewrote it and put in 15. Don’t ask me why as I haven’t a clue!!! :smile: