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Your first while is not async…

What kind of bulbs are these?

What does parallelism do?

isNull() isEmpty() check the functions page on the wiki

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I did a CTRL+F for null. I should have done one for empty! Thanks!

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Help! I created a piston and it is running and now I cannot get into it to pause it.

Sorry, an error occurred while retrieving the piston data.

Is there any way to adjust a dimmer without turning the switch itself on? I’m finding that no matter how i try to adjust my dimmer, it always turn the device on as well.

Short answer is no. Long answer is you may be able to send a set level command followed closely by an off command close enough together that you don’t actually see the light turn on, but due to the way messages are passed through the mesh network it’s possible that they would arrive in the wrong order.

If you want to pre-set a dimmer level you may be able to set a variable with your target dim level, then send a Set Level to that variable value at your desired time, but that depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Yeah I think a seperate variable is the path I’m going to take. Thanks for the help!

No, really. How do I pause a piston I cannot get into?

You might have to delete it from ide?

Well, yes, that deleted it… hope it stopped too, LoL.

Thanks for the idea, I was thinking I had to delete WebCore and restore all my pistons from backup… but not sure that actually works either :frowning:

From this trace it seems the or condition at line 40 evaluated as true however none of devices in line 48 were turned off. Any insights into why that might be?


Any logs? Stays is a tricky trigger, it becomes true after some time

@ady624 unfortunately no logs. when i found the AC running then checked the piston and looked at the trace, that iphone had already left the house 30+ mins ago.

I do know that the exact same piston has worked in the past multiple times and turned off all of those devices.

Also, any recommendation on using another method instead of stays?


I can’t figure this out myself (while it sound so trivial)…
I installed core v0.3.16b.20170515 as described in http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=CoRE, and it seems to install in the IDE just fine, looking at the phone I can see core installed,
but when trying to define a piston though (tap on “Add a condition”), the app errors out stating I am missing authorization.


Thoughts on what am I doing wrong?

Thx in advance!

And logs shows empty …

did you enable oauth?

also, have you considered webcore instead of starting with core?

yes per description on the wiki (http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=CoRE) followed to the dot, checked afterwards and client ID and Client secret are set

I have not considered web core at this point. What I am in the end trying to achieve is a way to call a local rest endpoint (node server) on my network to execute commands on the server based on triggers from smartthings.
What’s the relationship between webcore and core? Which would be better suited for this task?