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No, for each physical sensor (front door, garage door, garage motion, etc) i have virtual sensors (vfront door, vgarage door, vgarage motion, etc.). That way SHM actually identifies what door or motion was triggered :slight_smile:

Create a device variable and leave it empty. Then have an IF on list of device’s humidity is greather than 50, click the options button while editing that condition and choose your device variable to store the list of matching devices. Then inside the if add an action to send your notification and simply use your device variable inside { } and that will list all devices whose humidity is over 50. No need to concatenate strings yourself. But if you do want to know how, use the set variable task and use an expression field where you say

set variable var = {var + "string to append"}

The expression field would be the part between the { } but without the curly brackets:

var + "string to append"

Ascension and true home automation.

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Technically, you can define a device variable (let’s name it vdev) and set it to a value field:


Then you can control it in a with to open/close or in a IF to check its state. @anon36505037 can help you there, he’s the king of the name-referenced pseudo-device variables. He the man! :wink:

Thanks @ady624 for the instructions.

Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re trying to accomplish, but by setting the time zone you’re in, the system adjusts for daylight savings. It always knows what time sunset it, irrespective of the season.

Yes, you’re right… I’m overthinking this! I was trying to preserve my evening scene, but because my night scene is set to a finite time the daylight savings time overlap made it irrelevant. Thanks for pointing me to the obvious! I’ve been working with webCore pistons too long today…

Back to my washer done detect. The following piston seems to work. (I still have to figure out the timing, but it does what I want). I used simulated switches to control each step. Switches19 and 20. I would like to replace those with variables, but if I use variables then if the energy changes it resets my timers even tho the variables are still set to true. Any thoughts?

So I have pistons that sync a room’s lighting with a single virtual switch that I can turn on and off with my Echo. The problem comes when I’ve turned a single light in a room on (or two of five lights) and want to just turn off the group. Since the group virtual switch is already off, the command won’t work. Is there any way to make this work?

Use Alexa’s native control of lights.

Add all your devices into Alexa. Then you can create groups. I’ve grouped my lights by room. You can make as many groups as you want with devices in several different groups. So while I have all my rooms, I also have upstairs, main floor, all lights, all Fans etc.

With that I can just say Alexa turn off all lights. Or Alexa turn on the living room 50%.

Interesting question. No, not using Scout. But from your question it makes me wonder if there is a “better” home monitoring alarm out there that I wasn’t aware of???

Here are all my sensors. The ones starting with “v” are virtual. The two Garage Motion sensors trigger the one garage virtual sensor currently.

Door Sensor - Front Door
Door Sensor - Garage Pedestrian Door
Door Sensor - MBR
Door Sensor - Patio
Motion Sensor - Front Garage
Motion Sensor - Side Garage
Multi Sensor - Big Garage Door
Multi Sensor - Small Garage Door
vDoor Sensor - Big Garage Door
vDoor Sensor - Front Door
vDoor Sensor - MBR
vDoor Sensor - Patio
vDoor Sensor - Pedestrian Garage
vDoor Sensor - Small Garage Door
vMotion Sensor - Garage

I’m trying to avoid having these things scattered all over in various systems and smartapps, as it can make troubleshooting a nightmare. That’s the reason I moved from using Alexa to control the lights directly.

Can anyone think of a way for WebCoRE to control these lights without the use of other software?

If the pistons’ command optimization is disabled, it should still send the off command to that virtual switch. Have you tried it?

No, but I just did and got the same result. Here is the piston in question:

edit: I figured out my problem, I needed to use IS instead of CHANGES TO. I swear, CHANGES TO screws me every time. I need to stop using it.

On to another issue. How can I determine if a Refresh command failed after X number of attempts? I have some (obviously) flaky devices and would like to be able to be alerted if one of them stops responding.

Hi all, still very new to webcore but slowly moving my pistons over from core😊

What I am looking for is a way to write a piston that will send a push notification to the last person to leave the house telling them that SHM is set.
For instance if I leave on my phone presence and wife is home then do nothing.
If wife then leaves with her phone SHM gets set and push sent to her phone only. And the same if I left last.
If we both leave together then we both get the push.

And then the same when one of us arrives home.

I assume I need to set a variable but don’t know where to start.

Hope this great community can help.:+1:

There is an example piston on the wiki that does exactly this. https://wiki.webcore.co/Samples Scroll down to the Magic Home piston and look at the last IF in there.

Wow, you really have me confused on the SHM stuff, I’ll wait until you have yours fixed and post it and then look at that.

I changed (and added) my door/motion sensors as such:
Multi Sensor - Big Garage Door
vMulti Sensor - Big Garage Door
Door Sensor - Front Door
vDoor Sensor - Front Door
Door Sensor - MBR
vDoor Sensor - MBR
Door Sensor - Patio
vDoor Sensor - Patio
Door Sensor - Pedestrian Garage Door
vDoor Sensor - Pedestrian Garage Door
Door Sensor - Inside Garage Door
vDoor Sensor - Inside Garage Door
Multi Sensor - Small Garage Door
vMulti Sensor - Small Garage Door
Motion Sensor - Front Garage
vMotion Sensor - Front Garage
Motion Sensor - Side Garage
vMotion Sensor - Side Garage

I think I’ve figured it out, but how do I determine if a variable is null or empty?

I can’t get this to work… I just want the 4 while statements to run at the same time.

I can get the first while to execute but the remaining while statements do not execute.