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Does it say Send push notification or just Send notification?


@sockmonkey ahh nice. there is now a more elegant solution. i believe it should work but havent had a reason to try it yet. :slight_smile:

let me know if you want to try it.

@bangali Absolutely!

OK, give me a few minutes …

@sockmonkey here you go … that should work the same as the older one, now that followed by is available

if you do try this, please confirm either way.

@bangali I actually tried this a few days ago (maybe last weekend) and it didn’t work. Do you know if there’s been an update / bug fix that allows it to work as expected now?

Here is some advices but please bear in mind I’m kind of a noob too.

  1. I think you should use push notification as action
  2. I wouldn’t use the " "
  3. You should enable full logging, it would allow you to know which condition returned as true/false. It’s very helpful to understand what went wrong.

@sockmonkey o, ok. no, dont know if there is even an issue or there has been a fix. have you tried turning on logging and seeing which part fails?

Same here. But I figure the more I use it the more it becomes second nature. Now just to get Expressions down!!!:grin:

@bangali It works now!

I probably should have worded my question differently. I know the push notification works ok, have used it before. What I was unsure of when checking the variable value was whether I should use the quotes around the text I am comparing to.

Thank you guys however the ability to get sounds through a speaker isn’t what I was asking about I already accomplish that by using lannoucer on a tablet. That is Bluetooth to a speaker I have. I was wondering can I get an outside weather service to play on my speaker using webcore and if so what is the service called I figure the one I saw one YouTube was either ask Alexa or sonos own native weather

@sockmonkey excellent! enjoy :slight_smile:

Did it ended up working without the quotes? Personally, I didn’t use quotes and it worked.

You can build a weather report using the $weather API built into webcore or use on provided through the same API. Check out the wiki.webcore.co/Weather

Works perfect. Thank you. Will be sending a donation

I have three basic modes for our house: Home, Away, Night.

Our presence sensors are Android phones and have been pretty reliable. But, we are having guests, also known as “in laws” in the next few weeks.

When both of our presence sensors are away, the SHM is Armed Away. When its in Home mode, its disarmed.

I need to create a Guest mode obviously, but how do I go about this? For one thing, it needs to keep the SHM disarmed, keep the fan switches on for the ceiling fans, and relay to my Nexia thermostats to run in Hold mode. The latter appears not to be possible based on the device handler.

Suggestions? Im trying to think of something to use as a trigger but coming up with nothing.

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You could go the pricey route and give them presence tags, or you could go the easy route and create a Houseguests simulated presence sensor and add it to your system. The simulated sensor idea is based on the presumption you don’t care if they’re actually in the house or not.

If you wanted to do some more coding than that, you could create a simulated switch named, for example, “SHM Guest Mode,” and add it to your system so it bypasses the presence detection for your regular household presence indicators.

It would help to know if you are arming and disarming SHM by presence directly, or via pistons. But it doesn’t really matter. The options above should allow you to intervene in either way you choose.

Is there a way to reach out and touch (i.e. PING or some similar approach) a device with an IP address then test for response/no response? Maybe an HTTP GET?

I can think of several use cases, but the immediate piston is one that checks for my TV (static IP address) on or off. ATM, I have a power plug connected to it for no other purpose than to tell the piston whether the TV is consuming power as an indicator of on/off.

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